Running is one of the best ways to get cardiovascular exercise. It raises your heart rate and works a lot of areas in your body, great for shedding any of that unwanted weight. A good way to start running is to do it with your dog, you walk them 2-3 times a day anyhow, you might as well use that time to get fit. Here's some helpful tips to help you while you run with your pooch.

Take it easy to begin with

You'll need to take it easy to begin with, not just for yourself, but to see what your dog can handle. Dogs are very good sprinters but some breed of dogs will be unable to compete with you over long distances. Also be aware of your dog's age, pooches tend to slow down in their middle ages, so don't push an older dog to do something too intense. So you should .ease in to any fitness with your dog. Take a short run at a light pace or don't run for the whole time. Be aware if your dog is not running as fast as you, this is a good indicator that you should slow down for them.

Drink plenty of water

Keep your fluids up, water will keep you and your dog healthy and delay any build-up of lactic acid in your body, helping you to run for longer. You have to remember that your dog needs hydration just as much as you, perhaps even more if it is a very warm day. Bring a bottle of water out with you to share. If your aim is to lose weight whilst running with your dog you could try mixing your water with some online fat burners products. They go well with water, will give you more energy while you run and aid you in your weight loss goal. I strongly advise you don't share this with your dog. Bring a spare bottle of water for him or her.

Take a familiar route

Dogs take a while to get settled with new things, and there's nothing worse than a dog getting too excitable while you're running. They want to sniff everything in sight, get in between your legs or on a lead they'll pull you in every which direction. Try taking your dog on familiar walks so they will be less distracted and more focused on running. If your running route is unfamiliar to your dawg give it time and let them get used to it before really going for it.


If your dog is really fit, needs wearing down or you need to get rid of them from in between your legs, bring a tennis ball for them to chase. These ball launchers are pretty smart because you don't need to bend down and you can grab the tennis balls on the move without bending down.

Don't forget all the reasons as to why they need to go out

Your dog needs to do its business. Take this into account and be aware if your dog has or hasn't been. If it has you can be a bit freer but if it hasn't keep an eye out for when it wants to go so you don't lose your dog or miss picking it up!