According to an announcement by Chupa Chups they have just released a limited edition lollipops that could be a precious stone worth hundreds of thousand of dollars. Based on the information we have at hand right now, the lollipop could be a sapphire, a ruby stone, giant black pearl, or an emerald.

The 50-carat precious stone lollipops have been distributed worldwide. All of the stones have been shaped as well as priced exactly as the original Chupa Chups and and these limited edition lollipops have been shipped randomly to places across the world. There is just one of each of those gemstone lollipops. If you're lucky, you'll end up licking a hundred thousand stone yourself in no time.

"You may ask why Chupa Chups has decided to do this. Well, just imagine if the next person who happens to be lucky enough to uncover a precious gem stone is you," said Chupa Chups Chief Marketing Officer, Marco DiPaulo.

The campaign started a month ago and the first gemstone has already been found in Argentina, where a 16-year-old boy found it inside his lollipop.

Who will be next? You? You never know!