Studying abroad is a great opportunity to get the experience and skills you need for getting the most perspective job. But here you are, with your overseas degree, what is next? Most of those who were brave enough to dare studying abroad are eager to bond their professional life with traveling and exploring new horizons. As long as our world is getting more and more global every day, your job can be as international. Your abroad study experience surely opened your eyes and helped in understanding the essence of inter-cultural communication to all its niceties. Thus, here are five most popular jobs that students with overseas degree ought to choose.

Teaching English Abroad
The teaching abroad is one of the most popular career types today among people of different ages and majors. Even if your major was not the educational process itself and you do not have many skills for this, in case you speak good English with American accent, you will definitely be a desirable candidate for teaching English in foreign country.

Many college and university graduates prefer to choose teaching abroad as the easy and pleasant way to spend a year between graduating and getting back to ‘real life', which, aside from other benefits, gives an opportunity to travel. In fact, you can opt for abroad teaching career whenever you like, even if it has been ten years since you graduated.

Today most European countries ask for TEFL certificate to teach English, while others like South Korea do not. Nevertheless, more and more countries are demanding for the certificates, so mind this while deciding what career to choose.

The TEFL certification programs will as well help you with finding English teaching jobs abroad, as well as online websites, agencies of job placement and other sources. Summing up, it might be said that travel lovers who know English and what to learn more about other cultures are perfect candidates for teaching abroad.

International Education
Career in international education system is much more than simple teaching, as long as it includes counseling, advising and other important tasks to accomplish. In case you ever thought about inspiring others for studying and advising them on the way, consider working for international education.

If you studied abroad, you surely remember your advisors, counselors and language instructors. Thanks to international educational system offers you can become one of these great people. Most educational programs, like the one you have chosen in your past, need coordinators and advisors, so address and learn about the opportunities, which may vary from tutors to accountants and lawyers.
If you are considering working in the university, there are several opportunities you might choose, and these are education abroad office, foreign department office and lots of other places to choose. Besides the university work, there are options to choose like volunteering or being an intern in language program.

International NGO's
Non-governmental organizations (NGO) would be perfect for those who are looking for non-profit work abroad. These basically include UNICEF and Habitat for Humanity, and other organizations of such type. These mostly deal with human rights and developmental works aimed at improving our society and changing it for the better.

The job offers here are various starting from social media communication and ending with legal issues. The headquarters of most NGO's are in USA, but they have job offers mostly all over the world. The service DevNetJobs is ready to offer you consultations and postings aimed at international development. You may as well visit the webpage of Bureau of International Organizational Affairs which as well has some job offers for international NGO.

Governmental Jobs
International embassies that are all over United States have lots of job offers starting from law and education, and ending with health-care, administration and technology, and you can be one of the people who would fill in these vacancies. The skills needed for working in the office abroad are various, and depending on your majors, you can choose from numerous opportunities offered by FBI, Congress, and different State Departments, and find the one that will fit in your needs.

Those who are qualified teachers can opt for going abroad teaching with the help of Department of Defense or Ministry of Education in United States. Nevertheless, mind the fact that most governmental jobs abroad require that you speak the local language of the country you are going to, so make sure you check up the requirements for the job before signing up for something you will not able to take up.

Au Pair, WWOOF and others
Some people are not ready for getting any career but simply look for some adventures and new experience abroad, and here is where special programs like Au Pair and WWOOF will be useful to consider. Working as a nanny or tour guide abroad will surely help you in getting the very excitement of traveling you are looking, and the skills that may be good for the career you will eventually opt for later.

While working part-time, make sure you are saving for the fund that will give you financial support in case you lose the job tomorrow. If the experience you have is not enough for getting the serious career path, opt for volunteering in international companies – this will give you a chance to feel the taste of working in the company and decide if it is the right choice for you. Besides, you can always look through the classifieds of the country you want to go to. Try searching at this site and see if there is anything suitable for you in Canada, for instance. You can do the same for many different countries.

Summing up, it must be said that you should never believe that you can only travel after the retirement. There are lots of way for you to travel and work abroad – go ahead and get employed!