Michael Caserno
I'm a chipper young man ready to take on the world. I was in the media but then little Jersey Lee became top priority. I live in the little town of Lake in the Hills with my lovely girlfriend Vicki and little Jersey. Vicki and I mashed our last names together (Casaccio+Salerno=Caserno) I am looking to get something going on radio, but my new TV show "Hi Im Michael" will be premiering in January and I should have You Tube episodes up soon
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$16.50 will Get Anyone in the Hall Mr McGwire
Come on people, can we say shocker? No I donít think so.

We all knew it. Mark McGwire didnít want to talk about the past. He said so himself. However, for the last 20 or so hours, thatís all he wanted to talk about. Weíre the bored priest on the other side of the screen while Big Mac confesses his sins to us. ... continue reading
No Payoff From the Playoffs
Wow! What a bunch of crappy playoff games, except for that Green Bay/Cardinals game.

That game was one of the worst defensive games I have ever seen in my life on both sides of the field. You felt like watching the game, the team who got the ball within the last minute of the game would win. And it could have been A... continue reading
Stupid Athlete Tricks
In the wake of the Gilbert Arenas gun incident, it has come to my attention that athletes do really stupid things. Why would anyone bring guns into a locker room for a basketball game? And then after being busted out for it, put his hands in the shape of a gun in the middle of the huddle before the game. What an ass ha... continue reading
Top Moments of The Year in Sports

So I wanted to share with you my top 5 moments of the year in sports. Afterwards we will do the top 10 in the decade. So thatís 15 points!!!! Score!!!!!

5-Everyone and their mother picked the Patriots to walk into Landshark Stadium and destroy the Dolphi... continue reading
So I felt it necessary to comment on three issues today.

First, I want to address the Bears. Nice game last night fellas. You played some solid football. Jay Cutler made all you Bear fans see why this man was signed. He shined against one of the best pass rushes in football and threw for four touchdowns and 273 ... continue reading
Yep, way to go Miami Dolphins.

Once again you forgot the golden rule of football. Four quarters, 60 minutes, that's what's required to play this game and win.

Your half ass way of football has now bitten you on the ass.

If you beat Pittsburgh, you need wins from New England (who has taken back the AFC east cro... continue reading
This week's 7 Top Stories in Sports
(and some not)

It's that time again, and weíre going to do it holiday style.

1-In a press conference this past weekend, Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo when asked about Lovie Smithís chances of staying as the head coach, really didnít say he would or wouldnít. He just answered that they would have to revaluate... continue reading
Only in Chicago, does shit like this happen.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn spearheads an initiative to get "low level" prisoners out of jail early to save tax payer dollars.

The top basketball player in the history of the city sues the two most prominent grocery chains for trademark infringement.

And the Chicago... continue reading
They tried. They almost succeeded, but then there's pick number three, a bogus call by a ref, and then a kicker who knows how to knock it down puts it through the uprights and boom the Dolphins season over, just like that.

I am sure many Dolphin fans would argue and say that its not. Two more games remain at home ag... continue reading
7 Things about sports you should know
Thing #1
The good news, Tiger Woods has been named the AP Golfer of the Year, along with Sportsman of the decade. The bad news, Tag Heuer, the watch company has decided they would be better served without the loose golfer as their spokesperson. The best news for Tiger of all, no one has come forward with his son/daugh... continue reading
Even Perfection has its Faults
You can try to convince me as much as you would like the 2007 Patriots are one of the best teams in sports history. They have arguably the best quarterback in football history, one of the best receiving cores ever, and the sickest mad scientist for a coach ever.
I will disagree with the first one.
Y... continue reading
Not This Time Kenny
This one goes to a Sox fanís best friend. No not the mutt you see on Comcast, the mutt that runs the team. Thatís right Kenny. Enough is enough.
You know, when I agree with Jay Marriotti on an article he wrote bashing the Sox, you know thereís a problem.
So Kenny took over the organization in 2001. He has been to t... continue reading
Mother is the Word for God
Since the title would be too long ďon the lips of all children.Ē Do you know what movie that line comes from? Hint: one of my favorites of all time.
I am going to be a father very soon, and I am excited. I am nervous about a couple of changes. For instance the lack of freedom, the financial burden, and the pressure i... continue reading
The Rest of the Torre
The Yankees. YUCK!
They are the best villains in baseball. The games ďevil empire.Ē
They spend large amounts of money to acquire players who have talent. The best player in baseball sits in their dugout for $200 million but does jack shit in the post season. The star shortstop has banged more Hollywood starlets tha... continue reading
Silence the Moment
Hello there. So I guess the government of Illinois, during their overtime session, which has been taking place for like forever, thought of something they felt was important. No they didnít decided to cut sales tax. No they didnít vote to fix any roads. They voted for something much more important.
A moment of silenc... continue reading
Sweep Home Chicago
Hey yo, welcome me back peeps. I am happy to bring back The Static Experience to television and it will be like nothing you have ever seen before. A new website is up and you can now watch episodes on You Tube, and on the MJPTV.net website, you can participate in my poll question as well as leave a quick note on the St... continue reading
Vick the Dick
Anyone who knows me knows I am a vegetarian and I am for the simple reason that I am against all forms of animal cruelty. Call me a tree hugger, call me a nut job, call me what you will, but it is a decision that I made about 15 years ago and I am very happy with it.
So when I read some asshole like Michael V... continue reading
B Squared equals 755*
So this is it baseball fans. Hank Aaron's record of 755 home runs is about to go up in smoke by a man who needs no introduction. We'll just call him Barry. Yes Barry, such a great baseball player. Such a wonderful human being. So many children look up to him, and HE Barry Bonds, is the REAL San Francisco treat.
Oh Ba... continue reading
Let me start by saying fuck you David Chase, and I mean that in the nicest way possible.
This past weekend, the greatest series on TV ended and it was by far the best ending you could have hoped for. Grant it, I was pissed, like most of you were at first, but when you think about it, it is a ingenious ending.
People... continue reading
The Cause for the Clause
So Sox fans, will we see the end of one the best pitchers ever to grace the south side? Mark Buehrle, who has been a face of this organization for the last few years, a mentor for many young players, and a funny guy may be leaving and itís all your fault Kenny Williams.
Yeah thatís right. I threw a stone at Kenny, th... continue reading
The Crippled Canadian
So, folks, as many of you know I used to be a huge wrestling fan. However, through the years, it has become quite boring and when you have two guys as your champions - one who has been given pardon for lying about drug charges (which led to his demise eventually) and the other who has the personality of a toilet. ... continue reading
June 24, 2007-Falling to Pieces
In 1997, the Chicago White Sox thought it would be a good idea to trade their starting pitchers for minor leaguers citing Jerry Reinsdorfís convention wisdom, ďthere is no way we will catch Cleveland.Ē 3 Ĺ games back and two months of a season and there is no way theyíll catch Cleveland. As a Sox fan, pissed beyond bel... continue reading
Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em
Roger Clemens, you ignorant slut!
But hey letís be honest here, you canít blame Roger Clemens here. You can blame the team who has helped contribute to our salary problems in baseball. The evil empire themselves, the New York Yankees.
Sure the Yankees want to win their 23rd or 24th or whatever number they are on ch... continue reading
Poor Poor Paris
Hello and welcome to the journal. Sorry I am running behind but with building the new website, my new gig with Libby at WKRS, and trying to figure out what the next episode of the mJp is, I forgot all about a journal for a couple weeks. You guys know how I can get sometimes so please be gentle.
Paris Hilton g... continue reading
When People Suck
Yes, we know everyone at some time of his or her life usually pisses you off. People do shitty things, are two-faced, look out for themselves and hurt other people in the process, and we could go on and on and on.
I think the one thing I can't stand about most people is the lack of confrontation in their live... continue reading
                              HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!
So I was at Little Villa the other day with Rock and I started watching the NCAA Tournament and I have t... continue reading
Ozzie Does It Again
Have I mentioned this before? Ozzie Guillen is the man! Brandon McCarthy, the "future of the Sox" made comments about how he didn't feel the Sox Clubhouse welcomed him and Brian Anderson was his only friend. He felt the Sox management was too hard on him, and focused more on the negative, rather than just let him go do... continue reading
The Ballad Of Britney
I have never been a fan of Britney Spears.
Letís see, her music is crap, she doesnít even sing well, her choice in men sucks, she sure canít act, and that is just the beginning of this corporate manifested robot. But now, my dislike for her has turned to sorrow as Britney continues to spiral downward through the toil... continue reading
The Indian and the Bigot
In the sports world, there are two stories that are receiving lots of attention, and they are by far some of the dumbest things I have ever heard.
In good old Miami, land of palm trees, beaches, and many wanna be Tony Montanas, a man by the name of Tim Hardaway thought it would be a great idea to tell America how much... continue reading
The Anna Nicole Show
I want to get this out of the way as quickly as possible because this damn ho donít need any more publicity over her death.
Anna Nicole Smith, former playmate, so called actress, gold digger, reality TV show star and constant pain in the ass was found dead on Thursday in the Hard Rock Hotel in Florida. Itís i... continue reading
Federal Interference, Fourth Down
HELLO KIDDIES and welcome to the journal. This week I would like to discuss something very important which is freedom. This country was founded on the freedom of oppression from the British. Now the country is being destroyed by the oppression of our government, and the blindness of citizens who inhabit this great land... continue reading
The Hooligan Hopscotch
Hallo there. Welcome to J-Squared. Today we are going to do some hopscotch. Ready? OK! 1-
So the autopsy on Terri Schiavo has been performed and it appears that
she had no chance of making it. Gee doc, tell us something we didnít
already know. I guess many people who were protesting in front of the
hospital, and ... continue reading
What If?
Hello friendsDoing something different this week, bear with me. What if George W Bush would leave office?Would we truly be free? Free from the muzzle, the right and tyranny Free from fear that is instilled into you and me What if Paris Hilton got a real job? Could she set the standard for all the little debutant bitc... continue reading
The Emmett Till Imax Double Feature
Welcome to the journal and to everyone in Lake County. Tonightís going to be big. Itís the return on Michael Jae to Waukegan and everywhere else. Canít wait for this shit!!!! Back in the 1950ís, our boy Emmett Till was killed for allegedly whistling at a white girl. Now 55 years later, we are going to do another autops... continue reading
Jae Journal - The Battles Wages On
Hello everyone and welcome to the journal. As you know, this has been a great week: I just had a birthday, the Michael Jae Project will be back on in Lake County, and most importantly, the Sox defeated the Cubs during the first of two meetings this season. However, Cub fans instead of worrying about how shitty their te... continue reading
Have You Hugged Anyone Today?
YO YO YO!!!! MJP RAPS!!!! Ha ha ha. Hello there and welcome to reading
this piece of crappy kitsch we call the Journal. I know I am a little
late, but it was my birthday so I am behind. I am saying MJP raps
because I am listening to the NWA Legacy right now. It is a kick ass CD
and I suggest if you are into real hi... continue reading
Prom Survival Tips
Hello folks. Welcome to the Journal. I wanted to talk about this topic
because I thought it was funny when I talked about it on the show, but
I didnít have enough time to cover it. So I decided that today would be
a good time to go there. Yes prom, it is that time in life
where just about anything can happen. The f... continue reading
Jae Journal - Runaways and Shenanigans
Hello and welcome to the Journal. Iím your good friend Michael Jae.
As many have heard this past week, Jennifer Wilbanks had a case of cold
feet or possibly as she said ďrunning away from fears controlling her
life.Ē She created a prank that she was kidnapped so she could avoid
marrying John Mason, who in my opini... continue reading
Running the Race
Ola my fellow Americans welcome to the Journal and of course my name is Michael Jae. In Deerfield this past week, 19 year old black woman Alicia Harden was arrested for writing hate letters to minority students saying that she was going to kill them and other great stuff. She did this all in the name of getting out of ... continue reading
The Real Ozzie
Hi there. Welcome to the journal. I would like to start out with a quote seen in the Sun Times today from someone who I have admired lately.''Magglio is full of [bleep], Apologize to who? I don't have to apologize to anybody because, first of all, he's the first one to name me. He said I was pushing him to play [l... continue reading
Jae Journal - The Bad Thriller
Hello and welcome to the Journal. As you know 2005 has been a crazy
year so far. A Tsunami wiped out most of Southeast Asia, the book was
closed on the hockey season, and as you may have heard 14,321 times
since it happened, the Pope has died. However, no one was ready for the
assassination on rational thought that... continue reading
Jae Journal - The Ever Famous Should Haves
Hello everyone and welcome to the Journal. I am sad the Pope died because there will be some jerk taking his position that will not be able to measure up, but note to media, will you please let it rest? It has been one week and they are still covering it like it is front-page news. Now letís talk about sports in Illino... continue reading
The Schiavo Factor
Hello friends. Welcome to the Journal. On June 9, 1999, my mother passed away. She was kept alive by machines for 11 days, and my family decided that day, it was time to end her suffering since that is the way my mother would want it. She did not want to live her life as a vegetable. I thought she might have a chance, ... continue reading
Jae Journal - Stray Bullets
Welcome to the Journal this week. So much to talk about in so little time so instead of tackling one issue, I am going to shoot on many different ones going on right now. This should be a fun filled read so get ready, get set, GO! First off, whatís up with Condoleezza Rice hugging a sumo wrestler? That dude would ... continue reading
Hey peoples, whatís a crack a lacking? So last week we talked about the Oscars beforehand, and now letís talk about them afterward. First,
letís go directly for Chris Rock. He was funny, but could have been a
little more edgy, but as he put it ďI was working for someone that day.
If you want to see me cross the lin... continue reading
The Oscars are Going to Rock
Awards for art are fucking idiotic. Thatís poetry. My name is Michael Jae and this is my journal. It
is about time we saw someone like Chris Rock take center stage in a
huge event like the Oscars. Yes, Chris fucking Rock. It is time to
celebrate people. In the dawn of an FCC witch hunt, the academy
strapped on th... continue reading
Hello folks! Welcome to the journal. I would like to throw out a
couple of quick comments before we get started this week. First to the
academy for the Oscars, learn how to take a fucking joke. Apparently
Chris Rock made a comment that only gay people watch the award fiasco,
and people got offended. You know what, ... continue reading
Welcome to this week's journal. I would like to say I won my bet
for the Superbowl and there was no wardrobe malfunction. After all, if
Paul McCartneyís balls popped out of the zipper, even I would have
complained. No one wants to see that shit.  Anyway,
I wanted to talk about our society right now. I wrote... continue reading
Fear Controls the Climate
It was quite harmless actually. Janet Jackson having a cup of her top ripped off by Justin Timberlake. You barely saw anything. And if you did, you had the pleasure of a piercing covering the nipple. However many people were so offended by this. I donít get it. Maybe someone can explain. "Those few seconds started a re... continue reading
It's A Small Bush World
Hello friends. Welcome to the journal. This week I would like to talk about George WÖAGAIN. Well it was nice to know that many of the backers of GW didnít spare any expense when supporting their number one puppet. Auto industries, pharmaceutical companies, energy giants, and even tobacco industries foot the $40 millio... continue reading
Hello everyone. Welcome to the journal. This week I want to tell
you about a little piece of my vacation. This occurred when we went to
see the Price is Right being taped live before our eyes. I
always loved the show when I was younger. I liked playing along with
the games, and thought it was pretty decent. Now, ... continue reading
THE JAE JOURNAL January 10, 2005 Hello and welcome to the first Journal of 2005. Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I have so much to say and so little time. Well maybe not so little time, but I know your time is valuable so I will try not to take too much of it. So here it goes. First off, I feel bad for the Tsunami victi... continue reading
Anyway as we come to the end of 2004, I want to reflect on some things
this year and give my seal of approval and disapproval. So letís take a
look at the list. Best movie of 2004 This is a
very hard topic considering the fact there were not many good movies
this year, especially when people tell you how great mov... continue reading
 Hello and Merry Christmas to all. I really have nothing to say for Christmas except for thisÖ It was the night before Christmas and all through the pressThere was a ho named Paris removing her dressThe stockings were hung on the chimney with careWhile Oprah the saint had all this cool shit to share While Martha ... continue reading
THE JAE JOURNAL December 20, 2004
Welcome to the Journal. Today we look at the 10 most fascinating
people according to the little world of Barbara Walters and bring it
down to the common level. I do believe that Ms. Walters is in no place
to make these kinds of judgments on people since she is retiring.
Therefore, I think I should take over the job... continue reading


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