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In the sports world, there are two stories that are receiving lots of attention, and they are by far some of the dumbest things I have ever heard.

In good old Miami, land of palm trees, beaches, and many wanna be Tony Montanas, a man by the name of Tim Hardaway thought it would be a great idea to tell America how much he hates gay people. He will not play with them, he will not hang out with them, and he won't talk to them, not in a house, not with a mouse. He does not like gay people here or there, he doesn't like them anywhere.

If you listen to as much sports media as I do, you will hear all of this over and over again when it comes to former NBA All Star Tim Hardaway. He said in an interview on a radio station in Miami how he feels about homosexuality. Now everyone and their mother hates Timmy boy.

How do I feel? The opposite. Although I believe Hardaway's comments are senseless and moronic, got to give him his due for being honest. Honesty is not out there that much anymore. You don't hear how people really feel in this artificial media landscape we participate in on a daily basis. I don't hate Tim Hardaway, but I sure as hell don't agree with him. He admits his homophobia. He doesn't have any illusions who he is. So is it right for the NBA to ban him from activities based on his opinion. Absolutely not. It's fine for the NBA to say they do not resemble his comments, but for them to ban them is quite fascist if you ask me. The man may be a bigoted moron, but he is still a legendary player who did very well in his career in the NBA. He helped make the NBA a shitload of money, and because he voiced his opinion, right or wrong, he's banned. That makes no sense.

And then the other story, Chief Illiniwek will be retired after 81 years of glory at the University of Illinois. Why? Because some people can't handle the fact that it's a symbol for Illinois. It's a Goddamn Indian. An Indian doing a war dance. That is what Indians did many years ago. They wore feathers and danced. It's not disrespectful, it's reminiscent. When does this politically correct bullshit end? Are we going to change the name of the Vikings because it depicts the Vikings negatively and the Vikings are going to kill us? Are we going to change the name of the Brewers because they make beer and beer is responsible for DUIs.

If someone is truly offended by the Indian, then maybe U of I should find an Indian to be the new chief. What are these sensitivity people going to do? Hunt down every team that has an Indian as a mascot. Well, if that's the case, go after Cleveland, because I always wondered, what the fuck is that guy got such a big smile on his face anyway?

Bottom line, here you have two stories well people are getting offended and instead of just turning the other corner and ignoring it, they are all about finding these people and forcing consequences on them. It's not like Hardaway went on radio and found every derogatory term used to describe homosexuals and let loose. He was very emphatic on his views of the gay lifestyle and those involved. People just expect people to speak honestly like that. Is what he said hateful? No. It's ignorant. He doesn't understand gay people so he'd rather just distance himself from them, rather than understand it doesn't affect him. If a gay person hit on me, I would simply say no thank you and move on. I wish Mr. Hardaway could do that, but apparently his mind is too closed to do so.

Is the chief a slap in the face to Indians? Maybe in the eyes of some sure, maybe to others no. But I believe that everyone has a right to do what they need to be happy. And if the University of Illinois feels better that they get the Indian nations of their back, and they can once again host NCAA tournament games, more power to them.

My main point of writing this is that the All Star Game in the NBA is happening, and Spring Training is beginning. Is ESPN and all the other networks that bored they need to talk about these two stories? Please, less drama, more sports. Thank you!