Hello friends. Welcome to the journal. This week I would like to talk about George W…AGAIN.

Well it was nice to know that many of the backers of GW didn't spare any expense when supporting their number one puppet. Auto industries, pharmaceutical companies, energy giants, and even tobacco industries foot the $40 million that helped to fund W's "time to fuck the country" party. That is his inauguration by the way. I can see what issues will be the important ones now, and what issues will be ignored.

First off, I want to make a comment about the Social Security smoke screen. I feel that presidents use this when they really fucked up. Clinton talked about it when Lewinsky happened, Bush the first talked about it when his deficit began, and now Bush 2 is talking about it after it was announced that Iraq has no WMDs. The only way we can see social security depleting is if our government mismanages it. There are millions of Americans out there who have social security deducted out of their check on a weekly basis. For anyone to suggest that it is going into the red is just crazy.

Next off, Bush has said he has talked to the powers that be (that he helped install) in Iraq, and they want us to stay and train them some more. You know it is like the kid who is being left home alone for the first time. He is scared and cries and does whatever he can to keep mommy and daddy home. For God's sake W, cut the umbilical cord. We have lost 1,000 soldiers for the notion that we were defending our country from the evil WMDs that were in Iraq. There are none so let's pack it up and go home. Let them deal with the insurgents. Let them deal with the country. How can you expect them to function when we are up their ass? We have lost enough men and women who are Americans for whatever reason. Charity begins at home. I believe when you ask for another $80 billion, you are smoking more than what your contributors produce.

And while we are on the subject of money, may I say what a puss? W says he is going to contribute money to the Tsunami victims, and when this piece of shit from the UN official Jan Egeland calls us cheap, he ups the ante over $300,000. If you gave a shit what the UN thinks of us, why did we go to Iraq in the first place? As I said before, charity begins at home. If you want to be the President of Iraq, get on Air Force One, jump off the plane, and stay there, since most of your policy is directed to that country.

I can't believe the American people voted for this clown. I am sure Kerry wouldn't have done much better, but I believe after four years of being attacked, becoming the most hated country on Earth, and deficits in the billions, we needed a change.

Nevertheless, it isn't just the Presidency that is going down the toilet. Many things are happening that tell me the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

-Britney Spears released a Greatest Hits album

-Michael Jackson is on trial for child molestation. Here is an icon that everyone admired who now looks like Pinocchio on crack fondling Jiminy Cricket.

-The Boston Red Sox won the World Series

-Someone got shot dead in my stomping ground of Elk Grove Village this morning. I lived there for 16 years and no one ever got shot there before

Yep, we're becoming extinct. See you next week.