Awards for art are fucking idiotic. That's poetry.

My name is Michael Jae and this is my journal.

is about time we saw someone like Chris Rock take center stage in a
huge event like the Oscars. Yes, Chris fucking Rock. It is time to
celebrate people. In the dawn of an FCC witch hunt, the academy
strapped on their balls and decided to take on Rock as a host.

Rock (who I still see as Pooky from New Jack City all the time) is one
of the best voices to represent this country. He may be vulgar, he may
not be politically correct, but he says what many people are thinking.
He is not running for public office or anything like that. He is a
comedian, an entertainer. Most of the things he says are to be taken
with a grain of salt. It is commentary on how he sees the world. That's
all. I believe he is a great choice for this event because in a city as
fake as Hollywood, Rock is the reality wake up call for it.

all the conservatives are crying like little bitches. Matt Drudge is on
Hannity and Colmes crying about good and decent television being
flushed down the drain. He says that this is the face of America. The
Academy Awards is the face of America? He also goes on to say he is the
face of the Internet, I'm sorry. The Granddad of the Internet. Look
Sludge, you broke the story on Clinton OK? That doesn't make you the
Godfather of the internet. after all, Al Gore invented it, right? Let's
delve deeper into Mr. Drudge's delusional mind shall we? He makes a
comment that I guess America will have to tune into Desperate
Housewives to watch family entertainment. OK a show that makes constant
references to sex and violence is good clean family fun. I believe that
Drudge has been sitting behind a computer too long. If you are so
interested in blowing up presidential scandals, why don't you go to the
stink as you call it to the Bush administration? Oh I am sorry, you
want to jerk him off because that is what conservatives like you do. My
bad. I am not saying that Clinton was a prince, but Bush hasn't done
things right either.

That is what I love about Rock. He has no
political affiliation. No party loyalty. Just plain old Chris Rock.
What you see is what you get. Now Concerned Women for America (CWA), a
right wing Christian special interest group say that they oppose Rock
hosting the awards because he is too lewd, crude, and unacceptable.
Look if GLAAD (Gay group) can see past the R-Rated Chris Rock, why
can't conservatives and the Bitches for Christ? Are you people that
dumb? Do you understand that Mr. Rock is an adult and knows he is on
network television and he will be somewhat restrained? He was the host
of the VMA's not too long ago. I think he offended artists, but who
cares? He kept it clean on MTV. So I think scared little people can
trust him to keep it clean on ABC.

And as far as the celebs
go, maybe they need someone to offend them. Maybe they live such a
ridiculous lifestyle and take life for granted so who cares? We as a
society like to see celebs get insulted. The little man always likes to
see Mr. Big get kicked in the balls. That is why we like people like
Chris Rock. That is why Michael Jae is your good friend. I am not in
the same league as Rock, but I do the same thing. I hold nothing back.
I think Cunts Working for Assholes needs to get a life and a new
agenda. The academy is steadfast in their support for Rock. He's not
going anyway. So go outside Kodak and hold up your stupid signs, and
have a Coke and a smile and stick it up your ass.

And the
uproar about Rock saying it is a fashion show. Well, what do you call
the first hour of the show. Kathy Griffin and that pig Star Jones
asking everyone "what are you wearing?" They're wearing dresses. That
is what that long gown is and if you look in the mirror, you'll make an
amazing discovery. You're wearing a dress too. Wow! Oh my God! What a
concept. What conspiracy! I admire Bjork for wearing the goose as a
dress. She dressed based on her personal style, not what Valentino,
Gucci, or Armani, or any one of those other fashion designers wanted
for her. Elegance? Fuck that. It should be a party. People should have
fun at the awards. To hell with the "pardon me, do you have any Grey
Poupon" attitude that comes with this. Chris Rock is the answer to the
awards to make it a fun show. The show drags for hours and hours. You
need a little something something to make it fun. Bravo to Gil Cates
for taking a risk to bring better entertainment to the Oscars.

we can loosen up a little bit about what's going on television, and
stop thinking about Superbowl XXXVIII, we are never going to move
forward as a society. So people can be a little politically incorrect
at times. That is what is great about America. We can live our lives
knowing that if we don't like something, we can voice our opinion. I
will be watching Chris Rock at the Oscars and I hope he is ready to
attack. I am very interested in what is going to happen.

you for reading and be sure you watch as Michael Jae gets an Oscar for
producing bullshit like the mJp. Thank you and don't forget to