Hello friends

Doing something different this week, bear with me.

What if George W Bush would leave office?

Would we truly be free?

Free from the muzzle, the right and tyranny

Free from fear that is instilled into you and me

What if Paris Hilton got a real job?

Could she set the standard for all the little debutant bitches who rely on mommy and daddy for their money?

Could she survive beyond the land of milk and honey?

Would her IQ level still be so funny?

What if Michael Jackson was found guilty?

Would Tinkerbell rescue this so-called 'confused' man?

Can we say there is justice, there is law in the land?

Or will he walk like every other celebrity to take the stand?

What if Osama Bin Laden was captured and killed?

Will this really end the violence, will this end the fear?

Will killing one man make the future look so clear?

Or will another come forward, and will the jihad be near?

What if Fox News would be fair and balanced?

Maybe we could trust the nightly news

Reporting the facts not their views

Because they may win on ratings, but really we lose

What if people took the mask off?

Instead of pretending, they can say what they feel

We might get hurt feelings, but we're human so we can heal

It is about time that we need to be real

What if people worked for what they need?

Instead of everyone suing  for everything

Not worry about the pain and suffering that they bring

Making lawyers richer, and others poorer, and more Ridiculousness than you've ever seen

What if congress came together?

Liberals and conservatives drinking brewskies together on Capitol Hill

While the glory of America would rally on still

And the people got their voice, their rights, and their fill

What if we all were one?

We could look past race, religion, and class

Rich and poor working together, to make humanity last

And telling the demon that separates us to kiss our sorry ass

What if we truly believe?

That all is possible, and all can be fair

That one day someone will take a dare

To make things better, so the human race won't despair.