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In 1997, the Chicago White Sox thought it would be a good idea to trade their starting pitchers for minor leaguers citing Jerry Reinsdorf's convention wisdom, "there is no way we will catch Cleveland." 3 games back and two months of a season and there is no way they'll catch Cleveland. As a Sox fan, pissed beyond belief when this happened, I shook it off knowing the Sox would make good in the future.

World Championship in 2005, rest is history.

Now it's 2007. Ten years after the infamous "white flag" trade. The Sox well below 500, many of its players on the DL, and an offense that makes the Kansas City Royals and Washington Nationals look like All Stars. Ok maybe that's a stretch but the point of the matter, White Sox baseball; quite painful to watch.

So ten years later, check out the scenario. 13 games back, last in just about every statistic in baseball, and injuries plaguing the team. Guess what Jerry? In your own immortal words, "there's no way we'll catch Cleveland." I can add Detroit in there this year and possibly even Minnesota. So where's your flag now that's sitting in closet from a decade ago? Now would be a good time to wave it and this time you can wave it proud with the Sox fan support, unlike last time.

First off, I am tired of listening to Kenny and Ozzie make excuses. I am tired of seeing Ozzie give chances to guys that don't deserve him and then give us the "I don't know what else to do" speech. The team's dying a slow death, so what does the Kenny the brain do? He fires a scout and decides the Sox need a new advertising agency. Whoa, that's going to show the rest of the teams in the Central, let alone baseball, you mean business. Ozzie sends down players only to bring them back up. He will never bench Uribe when Uribe continually screws up. It is a sad state when former Sox catcher Miguel Olivo is able to pick off not one but two Sox runners in one inning. I repeat, the catcher, not the pitcher, picked off two runners in one inning. It is sad when the AL rules baseball, the NL beats up on the White Sox and they are in danger of a sweep in the cell by who else, but the Cubbies.

Yet, Kenny Williams says he needs to see more before hitting the detonator on his desk.

Kenny face it, your team has died. Paul Konerko isn't going to tell you that. You should be able to see it with your own two eyes. There is no spark, no swagger. The team has died. Now the question, what do the Sox do?

First off, I know it isn't going to happen but Mark Buerhle needs to be resigned by the Sox. Reinsdorf isn't know for long-term deals, but Mark has proven himself to be a face in the south side. He's a left-handed picture who kicks ass. He helped win a World Series. He has a no hitter and would have had a few more victories after that if this team would have done its job and backed up the pitcher. Sign him Kenny. Don't make the mistake of trading him for a surplus of younger talent. You can get at least four more years out of Buerhle easily. Don't be stupid. Spend the money! We Sox fans want to see Mark Buerhle finish his season off in Chicago and see him plastered on left field with the rest of the legendary figures who have brought the legacy to the South side. Unless A-Rod is part of a deal with the Yankees, I don't want to see Mark go anywhere. We need a third baseman that can play and not be injured. Or we can move A-Rod to where he is comfortable, at shortstop, keep Fields at third, dump Uribe if we can find a team that even wants him, and think about Joe Crede if and when he comes back.

While we're on the subject of pitching, it's quite a shame the starting pitching, one of the biggest question marks of the season has held up, where the pen and the offense have not. The Sox gave no fight what so ever to the Cubs this past week and I for one am saying the Cubs are very close to a sweep.

You know, Kenny can learn something from the Cubs here. What the Cubs did with Prior and Wood, it seems like the Sox are doing with Scott Podsednik. Kenny, in fact, said he didn't want to do anything until he saw the team with Podsednik. I'm sorry, but Scotty Podsednik isn't all that. It's time for a new lead off man, and that man is sitting in Seattle and goes to free agency next year. I would try to find a way to obtain Ichiro Suzuki and he would be an awesome leadoff man. If the Sox don't get him, my money is on the chumps on the north side due to the relationship with Pinella when he was calling the shots out there. Ichiro would help spark up this lackluster offense, and most likely would have a less chance of injury. Can you say that about Scotty Pods?

As far as Uribe goes, he has proven himself to be completely worthless since 2005. I hate that we always refer to 2005 when we talk about the Sox. Uribe has committed 8 errors, batting .214, can't bunt, and is an alleged criminal back home. I was talking about getting A-Rod from NY, which is a stretch. When Ozuna gets back off the DL, this man needs to be a starter. I have been saying this about Ozuna for years. He is electric, and he can field. As well.

Will Kenny be able to sign the other free agents? Jermaine Dye and Tadahito Iguchi. He will most likely keep Guch but send Jermaine Dye to Elk Grove High School for some Grenadiers. But someone needs to go down for this season and those people are Greg Walker and Don Cooper.

The Yankees wanted Coop and I now say you can have him. For two years in a row this bullpen has looked like complete shit! Williams goes to the Royals for bullpen help because Coop says he can fix the arms. Aardsma hasn't looked good lately either. And the batting coach is supposed to help the players hit the ball. The Sox are swinging at anything to just get on base. It is the hitting coach's job to make sure that this doesn't happen. Yeah Kenny firing a scout director and ad agency is going to make the team better.

There has been zero excitement in the South side since July 2006. This team has been sucking out loud since then and has yet to win a series since May 17th when they won the Yankee series. Sox fans are ready for a change for next year.

So Ozzie please stop making excuses and just do your best. You said a few weeks ago that we were going down having fun. There is no fun. And Kenny, you are not a genius. You are a GM who has gotten lucky in the past and you need to learn from some mistakes. Bottom line, the Sox will bounce back with or without the two of you and we can only hope as Sox fans that will be sooner rather than later.