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Since the title would be too long "on the lips of all children." Do you know what movie that line comes from? Hint: one of my favorites of all time.

I am going to be a father very soon, and I am excited. I am nervous about a couple of changes. For instance the lack of freedom, the financial burden, and the pressure it will put on Vicki and me. But I welcome all those things to know one thing, and one thing alone. I am bringing a life into this world with my blood! That is so wonderful!

So why do you read so many stories about men killing their wives with their unborn children in them?

Why can't other people be excited like me?

The media decided this new "men murdering their wives" trend equals ratings. Oh yes, how fun. The reasons people like Greta Van Sustren and Nancy Grace have jobs. The reason Scott Petersen has become a household name. Why do news companies highlight these stories when there are more important things to worry about?

Maybe this "thing" needs to be addressed.

My motivation for writing this comes from the case going on right now in Bolingbrook, another case of the Petersens. No relation of course, but the situation somewhat the same. A mysterious disappearance of a woman who happens to be married to someone who has issues. Scott's the one with moral issues, and apparently Sgt Drew has control issues, according to Stacy Petersen's family. He says she acted snotty before she took off, and they say she feared for her life. The one thing that makes this case so much fun for the media to cover is like I said Sgt. Drew is a police officer. Oh yeah, another man who's a person of interest in his wife's disappearance, Craig Stebic, has said he feels for this man. You remember him? The one that former NBC 5 reporter Amy Jacobson was hanging with. Maybe the two of them can have a couple of cap'n'cokes together. How adorable.

I would like to know why any man would kill his wife. You know, you can just divorce them. It is a headache, and too much paperwork, but it's much neater. Not so much red paint or yellow tape if you catch my drift. Let alone, a pregnant wife. How can you kill an unborn child? Has society become so sad that men have to clip their wives to break things off? Some guys are giving us men a bad name. First off, the amount of dead beat dads keeps going up. Now many are just becoming stone cold murderers. Does anyone even care about the impact? Why's the society turning into a bunch of Chris Benoits? I can't wait until my daughter is born, and I love my significant other so much. I could never think about the things people do. When we have a disagreement, we talk. We yell. We work it out, and then we make up. If other people tried that, maybe their lives will be better. If that doesn't work, buy a dog, or a hooker. The dog is for companionship you perverts!

That's all I got. Sorry if I am all over the place, but I tend to do that when I get emotional about stuff. Cheers!