In the wake of the Gilbert Arenas gun incident, it has come to my attention that athletes do really stupid things. Why would anyone bring guns into a locker room for a basketball game? And then after being busted out for it, put his hands in the shape of a gun in the middle of the huddle before the game. What an ass hat. David Stein said he wasn't fit to play ball, so he suspended him indefinitely. I believe he isn't fit to leave his house, but that's just me. I thought what we would could do today is take a look at seven different stupid "athlete tricks" that have taken place over the years. No particular order of course.

1-PLAX AND THE GUN - Not only is the idiot concealing a weapon in a nightclub, but even more unbelievable, how do you shoot yourself in the leg, jackass?!?!?!?!

2-RICKY AND THE SMOKE - I love Ricky, but dude pissed his career away for years to go smoke some reefers.

3-VICK AND HIS DOGS - This gets classified under the fucking stupid category. Actually that is being kind. This was a monstrous act, and I can't believe he was allowed to play QB for the Eagles after his crime. Sure, he did time for the crime, but his morals need to be questioned. And morals are a big part of the game according to the NFL's top dog commissioner Roger Godell.

4-DALY AND HIS BOOZE - Sometimes you need to pickup the golf club more instead of the bottle.

5-OJ AND HIS GLOVES - If the glove, don't fit, you must acquit. What if the lawyer is full of shit, God rest his soul.

6-MERRIMAN AND HIS WHATEVER THE HELL SHE IS - Shawne Merriman was accused of beating Tila Tequila, the reality My Space slut machine. But I don't think the stupidity of Merriman is the alleged acts of violence against the little person who took two shots at love and lost. It's alleged so you can't say it's stupid. I think the dance he does after a sack looks a little stupid.

7-TYSON AND THE EAR - Boxing is a sport when you use your hands, not your mouth. This isn't like M&M's. Where it melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Kind of bad relation, but what man bites another mans ear off. Holyfield's ear still hasn't come back, and sometimes I wonder if Mike Tyson's sanity has either.