HELLO KIDDIES and welcome to the journal. This week I would like to discuss something very important which is freedom. This country was founded on the freedom of oppression from the British. Now the country is being destroyed by the oppression of our government, and the blindness of citizens who inhabit this great land.

As many people are well aware, the Bush Regime stole this election by scare-mongering the  stupid Americans who believe everything they read in the papers, and live a simple life. They also said, if you vote against Bush, you are a traitor who supports a bigger traitor. They also said that the morality and values of our country have been flushed down the toilet. A vote for Bush supposedly will change the pace. Well, I would like to know what is so moral about lying to the American people about a case for war in Iraq, based on assumptions, not facts. I would like to know what is so moral about letting our religious systems go down the drain and not expediting the process of prosecuting priests who molest children, while acquitting celebrities  who commit the same crime. What is so moral about watching multi- million dollar corporations steal money from their employees and sending them to the poor house, while CEOs wine and dine on hard- working American's 401K plans and other investments? Yeah George W Bush is the poster boy for saving our country from the enemy. Well, one of our biggest enemies is ourselves. Our complacency for the way things are, and just living with it.

A good country is one that is united, and GW has divided the country. You have so many 'sheeple' out there who say that everything is great. That terrorists haven't attacked us, the deficit is slowly getting back to shape, and all the other useless propaganda you hear from Republicans and Bushbots on a daily basis. Then you have Democrats wanting to give everything away. This isn't about red and blue, elephants and donkeys, this is about America. This is about our country, and our freedom and independence that many of us take for granted. We need to stand up and take our country back. We are the ones who need to hold the key, and stop letting government make decisions for us. If we appear to be weak, they win, because it makes it easier to control people who are weak.

Think about it, the Patriot Act has been called one of the most controversial bills out there, and they are talking about limiting some of the parameters of it. For instance, it allows government agencies to go into library records without a warrant. Yet, some in congress feel that it's extreme, but Bush wants to veto it. What for? Because our security is in jeopardy.   I can't remember the name but a Nazi general once said, "the easiest way to control a society is to remind them they're always in danger. They will believe anything you say in regards to their safety." Bush once said, "if this were a dictatorship, it would be a lot easier." Scary stuff, huh?

Now, the government wants to take your house from you if you occupy land that is wanted by the local city or a business developer  for a project. You can go to jail for political reasons for burning the flag. You will pay a huge fine for talking on your cell phone in the car. If you swear in public, you get ticketed. You criticize the government, you get blackballed. If you question the government, you're a traitor. What kind of country is this? What planet are we on? Does this sound like a free society to you? When does it end?

Next thing you know, they will be fining people for masturbating to porn, drinking the wrong kind of liquor, and giving change to the homeless. The machine keeps on going. Keeps plotting. How can we dupe the American people today? And considering that many of us are blind to the truth, and maybe the ones who can see the system for what it is, choose to ignore the problems and live comfortably numb. I am not happy about the way things work, and I propose it changes, sooner than later. What can I do? I am just one guy who is a 'wanna be' radio star/television host. But I have a voice, and I can use it, and maybe if I am lucky, others will speak so loud, nothing can be ignored.