Wow! What a bunch of crappy playoff games, except for that Green Bay/Cardinals game.

That game was one of the worst defensive games I have ever seen in my life on both sides of the field. You felt like watching the game, the team who got the ball within the last minute of the game would win. And it could have been Arizona, if their kicker could nail down a measly 35 yard field goal, but no he blew it. However, when it came to overtime, his line backing friend Karlos Dansby forced a turnover and brought it into the end zone and the Cardinals advance to the divisional playoffs. How ironic that in a game with little or no defense, a defensive play ends the game. Jason Goff, Score producer and on air personality brought up a good point after that game. He asked why in football when it's a blowout, its considered a good game, but a high scoring baseball game is bad because the pitching was off. I think that's a good question. Maybe we'll delve into that more during the week.

I am sick to my stomach about the Cincy/NY Jets game. What happened to the heart of the Bengals? All these people died on their team, and they were talking about winning it for them and shit. However, they didn't win a God damn thing for them. Instead, Cedric Benson played, and everyone else kind of laid down. Kind of cute to see one of my most hated teams move along in the playoffs. How long do I have to see this fat fuck brag, smile and laugh on TV? Note to Rivers, LT, and you damn lightning bolts; please cancel these guys tickets to Miami. They don't belong there.

While we're on teams I hate, how fun was it to see Tom Brady get his ass handed to him yesterday by Ray Lewis. The way Lewis played, you would think he knew what plays were being called. In fact, he said he studied tape and learned the nuiances of the line and what not. Nice work Ray Ray. The Ravens defense seems to be in form, and as I said earlier, I don't know how effective this Patsies team will be without Welker. Nice to see them get killed in Foxborough. I have officially adopted the Ravens as my team to cheer for in the playoffs.

And then there's the NFC rivalry between Dallas and Philly. I thought Philly had what it took to explode on teams. Quite the opposite, as Tony Romo broke his December/January curse in a big way. He hit 23 out 34, 244 yards with 2 TDs. The game was quite boring, like most of the games were.

So I thought I would share my picks with you for the next few games…

New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers
They say defense wins championships, and lets be honest, as much as I hate the team, the Jets do have the best defense going in. However, the Chargers are not just you average ordinary Joe blow team. They have a quarterback who regularly hits targets, a two man running back attack that will tire out any D, and their defense is no slouch either. Let's be for real here, Mark Sanchez isn't ready for primetime, and you're playing an elite team that isn't pulling their starters. Final San Diego 33 NY Jets 13

Baltimore @ Indianapolis
Everyone hates the fact that Indy rested their starters as soon as the number one seed was locked up, but it may work for the better. Peyton Manning is MVP for a reason. He came back six times this year in the fourth quarter. He has many different weapons to throw to, and unlike the Patsies missing their chief slot receiver, Indy is at full strength. However, you can't count on the Ravens. Their defense looked really good against New England, they put lots of pressure on Brady, and Ed Reed is back to his old self. The Ravens are comfortable on the road and going to the oil rig will not scare them. I think this Ravens team looks mean, and is ready to eat some Campbells Peyton soup. I will call for the upset here. Final Baltimore 24 Indianapolis 21

Dallas @ Minnesota
The legend of Favre looked like it was flying high for a while, but fizzled for a little bit into a feud between the head coach and said lead warrior. However, in a game before the playoffs, the Vikings showed that they still got it. However, I take a look at what the Bears did to them at full strength, and same with Carolina. These are two bad to mediocre teams, and the Dallas Cowboys have proven they are a true threat, and I believe that Tony Romo and his resurrected group of receivers will have the last laugh in what promises to be a shootout. Final Dallas 38 Minnesota 35

Arizona @ New Orleans
Quite frankly, this one is hard to pick. If you asked me 2 months ago, New Orleans would be an easy pick. However, Kurt Warner is the official playoff quarterback and Larry Fitzgerald is one of the best receivers in football today. Now sure the Cardinals torched the Green Bay defense, but I didn't see the Cardinals standing tall in the 4th of the D front as well. I believe that New Orleans has the better defense, and although this game to me promises to be the best one of the four, I think you have to give the edge to New Orleans because one, they're at home, two, they're rested, three, they have to make good for the last three games of the season, and they're going to come out hard. With that being said, I am not sure Arizona's defense can stand up to it. Final New Orleans 28 Arizona 24

There it is. My playoff picks for the weekend. Hope it works out. Although I didn't write anything about the playoffs last week, based on my picks, I'm 1-3. So I guess I'm no expert. (I picked Baltimore over NE. The rest of the games I got my ass handed to me.)

We'll see how it plays out.