Hello and welcome to the Journal. I'm your good friend Michael Jae.
As many have heard this past week, Jennifer Wilbanks had a case of cold
feet or possibly as she said "running away from fears controlling her
life." She created a prank that she was kidnapped so she could avoid
marrying John Mason, who in my opinion is the biggest dumb fuck this
side of the moon. But the people who are dumber than him are the ones
who believe she had some kind of "fear" controlling her life. He had an
excuse, he was pussy-whipped.

Yes, we were all subjected to
all the nice little interviews that took place with John Mason this
week. "I love her, and I still want to marry her." Jesus, come on. This
woman made you look like the biggest clown in the circus called life,
and you are willing to take her back. Obviously you didn't get much
attention from women in high school, or you just have self-esteem as
low as the Grand Canyon will go. She doesn't want a marriage although
now she says she does. She is just under a very judgmental public
microscope now, so she should try to do as much damage control as
possible. Probably six months from now, she is going to straddle your
dad, Mr. Mason, in his work shed, while you're baking cup cakes in the
house for the kids.

But aside from that, I can't believe the
lengths people will go to hide their true feelings. What happened to
talking about things in this P.C. infested society we live in now? If
Ms. Wilbanks had any kind of second thoughts about marrying Mason,
maybe she should of did the less expensive thing. Umm… talk to him
about it; yeah that's the ticket. Then there could have been a remote
chance you could have saved the man you love the embarrassment let
alone the taxpayer's money when they launched that man hunt to find
you. You stupid bitch! Yes, maybe say, "John, I am going to leave you"
or " I am having second thoughts about my marriage," or the ever
popular "let's get marriage counseling."

This case pisses me
off not because of the whole manhunt thing, and that she said she was
kidnapped, but because what happened to being honest with people? Last
week in the Journal, I talked about a woman named Alicia Harden who
wrote letters filled with racial slurs and threats against minorities
throughout a nice little campus located in Deerfield spreading lots of
fear and media exposure all for what? All because she didn't want to go
to the school anymore. She never made it clear to her parents, she
never told anyone. Let's just pull this prank and I can leave because
my stupid, naïve, parents will take me out of school for fear of my
safety. I don't care who I hurt or scare in the process. Just as long
as I get my way.

This is very similar to the Wilkins woman. I
remember a few years ago the same thing happened with a teenager
planting notes throughout a cruise ship leaving everyone with the
impression terrorists have taken over the ship. It turns out that the
girl just didn't want to go on the cruise because she wanted to be with
her boyfriend. I hope she lost her boyfriend over that stunt.

believe in this society which I guess is run on morals and values, at
least that is what people like to say, we can be honest with each other
about things we are bothered by. I don't personally know these people,
but I know it could have been handled different.

If you are
going to do something deceptive to get your way, you really shouldn't
bring other people into it. Of course many people get cold feet before
marriage, many students go to a school and discover they don't like it,
many people miss their significant other when forced to go to a family
function. These are human emotions that are completely normal. Everyone
goes through them. It just is how people handle them that make them a
rational human being with good sense and courage, or some fucking piece
of shit who craves so much attention, or wants something so bad instead
of having the balls (or in this case ovaries) to talk about it, they
destroy anyone or anything to accomplish their goal no matter how silly
it is.

I advise people to talk more and communicate more. The more people talk, the less whack jobs that influence our lives.

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