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They tried. They almost succeeded, but then there's pick number three, a bogus call by a ref, and then a kicker who knows how to knock it down puts it through the uprights and boom the Dolphins season over, just like that.

I am sure many Dolphin fans would argue and say that its not. Two more games remain at home against Houston and Pittsburgh. The Dolphins would have to win both of them, but need teams to help them out.

Before we get to that, let's take a look at yesterday.

First play out of the gate; a miraculous interception by Vontae
ran back for 26 yards. This should have been converted into a touchdown, but the struggling offence settled for a field goal. This happened two more times, while Vince Young nailed receivers Justin Gage and Nate Washington for TDs. One thing the Dolphins need to learn how to do is close.

Field goals don't win games, they let you tread water. Also, someone needs to remind the team that there are four quarters in a game. Not three, not one, FOUR! We saw them play for 3 against Indy, 2 against New Orleans, 1 against Tennessee. In order to win a football game, you must play four quarters. This happens way too much this year.

Furthermore, last year, the Phins had the least amount of penalties in the AFC and quite possibly the league. This year they have committed 71. The discipline may have been lost somewhere. The penalties and the turnovers lost them this game. If you want to flame Chad Henne, go ahead, but remember this guy's young and has 11 games experience in the NFL. Sure, that OT pass sucked big time. Yet, this same QB helped close the gap in the 4th. This same QB has come up with some spectacular drives this year. This QB may be greatness in the making, at least we hope so. Ricky Williams needs to learn how to hold a football again. Congrats on making over 1,000 yards this year, but learn how to hold a ball. 4 fumbles in 2 games, absolutely unacceptable. You're still my guy, Ricky. Love what you have done this season!

Then there's the defense. Note to Gibril Wilson, go back to college. Learn how to tackle, learn how to cover, in fact just learn how to play football again, because apparently something went wrong. Jason Taylor played well, and looked like the JT of the old days. Vontae Davis, keep up the hard work. Vince Young had lots of time to throw in the first half, and he took advantage. Maybe the Phins were too worried about Chris Johnson, and focused on him more than Young. I heard about Channing Crowder crying about how it's harder to beat 17 Titans over 11 because of officiating. When you make plays, and figure out a way to dominate a game, bad calls by refs don't always matter. The Dolphins didn't find a way to do that this time. You can bitch about
officials all you want, but at the end of the day 6 penalties and 4 turnovers don't win you the game.

So here we stand at 7-7 tied with 5 other teams. There are two games left, and we play two of these in Miami. We need God to be on our
sideline to get into the playoffs. Denver losing helped a little bit, but we need more teams to lose. Its unfortunate that the Phins could have avoided all of this with a win against Buffalo and finding a way to close out Tennessee. Sure the penalty against Cam swung the hammer the Titans way, but the poor play before the 4th is what really gave it to the music city mofos.

Do I hope the Phins can do it? I'm kind of split. If we don't, we get a higher draft pick. If we do, we shut up lots of naysayers like Deion Sanders. As some of you know, I have turned a lot of hatred towards him the way he popped the Dolphins balloon on NFL Total Access. If you don't know the story, the scenario had balloons with the logos of the different playoff contenders, and the ones who the four morons hosting the show had surviving and making it in, the balloons would be moved to the side, the ones who didn't would be popped. Neon Deion ran right up to the Phins balloon, popped it, and didn't even say why. It's just the dismissive and arrogant way he did it that pissed me off. Many people haven't given the Phins a chance this year due to their schedule. Yet, if you told me that this team would be contending for a Wildcard or even division title after beginning the season at 0-3 with the tough road ahead of them, I would tell you to put down the crack pipe.

Back to Deion. In order to forget the events of this past weekend, I have invented a game called "Pee on Deion". In order to play, just print out the picture of Deion Sanders, you can get his mug shot on smoking gun, put it on the ground somewhere, preferably the grass or, maybe in the snow if you're from Chicago like me, unzip your pants, and just well, start going. You get 5 points for the eyes, nose, or mouth. Anything else is worth a point. Do not pick up the picture afterwards. It can get gross, even if it's your own urine.

That's all I have. Let's keep things in perspective. Our team keeps getting better, and they should be much better next year. If they make it in, good for them. If not, they will next year. Perhaps, more pieces will be on the way to make our Miami Dolphins an elite team.