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You can try to convince me as much as you would like the 2007 Patriots are one of the best teams in sports history. They have arguably the best quarterback in football history, one of the best receiving cores ever, and the sickest mad scientist for a coach ever.


I will disagree with the first one.


You watch the Pats on TV and you are awed by their supremacy. The way Tom Brady slices and dices defenses weekly is truly magnificent. The one two Brady Moss Punch can't be denied. Some other players have shined brightly thanks to Brady; Stalworth and Welker to name a couple. You can say that the Patriots are going undefeated this year. However, when you break a rule in the first game of the year, whether the rule makes no sense or not, you have just lost credibility in my book friend.


This team plays so well, they didn't need to use the video camera. I actually admire their talent. This team's offense and defense reeks of awesomeness, so why cheat? Why does America forget about that? Their team has been tainted since day one.

So unfortunately for us who still would like to see integrity be part of the game instead of the whack jobs like my brother who feel that the other 16 games they won are more important that the one they broke NFL rules for, America has become a nation where a little bit of cheating doesn't matter. You disagree? Allow me to give you the list of blemishes…


OJ Simpson-Here's a man who looked guilty as sin. Yet star power and a highly shrewd lawyer got him off the hook. One of the best running backs in the game? Sure. Add the man who got away with it to that list.

Movie stars-Many of these people have talents that can set them high above the rest of the world, but they succumb to "cheating" by botox, plastic surgery, and other shit like that. America loves them.

Kobe Bryant-Did he do it in Colorado or didn't he? This man cheats on his wife, cries like a little bitch constantly, and we consider him the greatest ball player today? Come on people. So what if he scores many points every game? The question is the man's character and he obviously kept secrets from his wife, so how do you know he didn't rape the girl in Colorado?

R. Kelly-Only in America can someone be seen having sex with an under aged girl on video tape and get a trial delayed for five years. Can we hang this man and get on with it? Oh yes, he made great albums. It would be nice he could make one in jail, and we'll call it the KY connection.

Ashlee Simpson-This girl gets caught red handed lip syncing on television and makes a new album? What? Who sang on that one? And it sells a lot! Once again America buys into mistakes.

Baseball-Everyone knows the low down on baseball with the McGuire denials on Capitol Hill, the perjury of Rafael Palmiero, the Bonds fiasco, and now the Mitchell report with Clemens being the staring character, attendance and interest have blown through the roof. Guilty as charged here as I love baseball.


Which brings me to my point, you can put the 2007 Patriots with the people above as people who did something seriously wrong, but are still coming out smelling like a rose. I don't care if Brady throws for 4,000 yards this season or they go 19-0, the Patriots will always be in my book a tainted team. Sure, the video taping rule is lame, but we live and die by the rules. Then once they are broken, this thing of ours breaks. That was said in the movie Gotti. It is true in real life. The message being said to kids about the New England Patriots is simple. You can break the law once in your life, but if you do real well everyone will forget about it. This team didn't have to cheat, but they did.


I am a huge fan of karma, and karma does exist. However, I am starting to question that as the Pats with two games left may reach their goal. To off the 1972 Dolphins as the only team left standing undefeated start to finish. They will most likely play Indy in a rematch of the AFC championship last year and revenge is a dish served best cold, and the Pats will invite Indy into their restaurant to wait tables. This is the one chance karma has to do something special because lets face it, the NFC teams can't take down the AFC teams on the biggest stage set in Arizona.


America has had its Patriots represent them over the years. Now the word Patriot refers to a silly foot ball team who might go undefeated and make many young football fans cream in the pants. How sad is that?