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Yes, we know everyone at some time of his or her life usually pisses you off. People do shitty things, are two-faced, look out for themselves and hurt other people in the process, and we could go on and on and on.


I think the one thing I can't stand about most people is the lack of confrontation in their lives. They don't confront people, they just act like passive aggressive dickheads because they are too much of a pussy ass bitch to tell someone something bothers them. Everyone nowadays walks around on eggshells with people. If someone upsets you, you should let the person know, not hold it inside and tell everyone else about it - especially if it is a friend of yours.


Then there is the whole fake friend thing. When you work with someone, they're your friends. When you go to school with someone, they're you friends. The minute you leave those places, then they cut you off.


Here's some more bullshit, when a guy talks to a woman, that woman automatically thinks they guy wants to bang her. Now I know not all women are like this. But really, are you that conceited you think everyone wants to get you in the sack? There are people out there who do like to talk to people, too. Then, there are guys who do think that way and think women are nothing but a poking hole in the bedroom. Women should be treated with respect because they are the mothers of the Earth. You wouldn't have kids if it weren't for "the stupid bitches" some of you talk about. Yes, sometimes women can be a pain in the ass a lot, but can't men too? Let's face it, everyone is a pain in the ass.


Then there are the soccer moms listening to Yanni while fucking themselves with the straw of their Frappucino. The ones who want their kids to be the best at everything and they will do the kids homework or put them in 5 million activities they don't even want anything to do with. Why? So they can live vicariously through their kids and think that they are something important in the community. Remember one thing, while we are on the subject of Easter. When you die, it doesn't matter if you are rich, poor, high society or the princess of suburbia, we all go out the same way. And we all are judged the same way.


The big question here is simple. Can you look back at your life and say you have done more good than bad? Have you hurt anyone's feelings? Have you done the best for your family to put food on the table? If you are going to leave that girl you knocked up, are you man enough to send her child support so that kid, YOUR KID, can live the life they deserve? Isn't it better to shoot straight and get it all out in the open, rather than hold it in and take it out on everyone else.


I am not a prophet. I am not a psychiatrist. I am just doing my best to be the best I can be, inside and out. I encourage you to do the same.


Happy Easter!