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(and some not)

It's that time again, and we're going to do it holiday style.

1-In a press conference this past weekend, Bears General Manager Jerry Angelo when asked about Lovie Smith's chances of staying as the head coach, really didn't say he would or wouldn't. He just answered that they would have to revaluate it. Lovie's reaction:

"I'm not really interested in a whole lot of that. We're 5-9 right now -- as I have said about three or four times, your life isn't going to be good. It's kind of as simple as that. We can keep going down that road but same answer, we're 5-9, nobody is happy about it.''

Word in the locker room has it that the Bears aren't happy. Olin Kreutz, center led the call that change must happen, but he didn't include Lovie. In fact, no one has thrown him under the bus. Lovie your reaction…

"You've got to talk to Olin about that. My reaction to it is right now we're 5-9. Olin is one of our captains. We all talk about what we can do to make things better as much as anything. Right now, there are some things wrong because we're 5-9. But we're working to fix it.''

When asked about what he would be doing with the family for Christmas…

"We're 5-9 right now, it's not a happy feeling when you're 5-9,''

So I guess that means the Bears are 5-9? I think that's what he's trying to say.

2-After finding a way to lose a 35 point lead, the Bulls decided to try to usher in an encore by being down 22 points at halftime. When they realized that's not the right way to play basketball, they tried to mount a similar comeback like the Kings did to them on Monday night, but fell short. When asked about his job security after the game, the always engaging Vinny Del Negro said,

''You can't control that. I go about my business every day, go to work and try to help this team win and develop the younger players. We've had some bumps in the road, but the guys are playing hard.''

Speed bumps? You call a 35 point collapse, 10 games where you lose by 20 points or more, and losing to a team that has won one game speed bumps? If any Bulls fan "loves it live" this year, they're smoking lots of dope. This team won't play for Vinny, and Christmas Eve is tomorrow. Let's see how you deal with that speed bump my friend.

3-Back to the Bears, some special interest group that calls themselves "Bear Fans United" has a call to the public to help them put a billboard up and some newspaper ads that will tell the Bears to fire Jerry Angelo and Lovie Smith. They are asking for $7,500 for their cause, and said a boycott wouldn't be suitable, because "we wouldn't want to give up our season tickets." First off, if you're going to raise $7500, why don't you do something useful and help a real organization that needs it. You know, hunger, disease, rape victims, etc. Oh wait a minute; I guess you're already doing that. Bears fans are left hungry every Sunday for quality football, the team is a disease, and season ticket holders like you are rape victims, because obviously no one in management gives a shit about the product on the field. OK then, fight on. However, that $7500 can be used for something more meaningful say giving people Christmas that can't celebrate it because life dealt them a shitty hand. Instead of stupid ass sports, why don't you focus on things that are more important in life?

4-In the Sun Times, there's a story about Michael "The Large Guy" Sarno, a ledged mob boss going to eat dinner at Joe's downtown at Grand and Wabash with his family, while he's on house arrest on Christmas Eve. The author tries to make it out like this "dinner" is something dirty. It's a man, going to eat with his family on Christmas Eve. This kind of stuff happens all the time. Do you really need to waste recycled news paper on this bullshit?

5-All week long I have been listening to people complain about the weather here in the Windy City. People listen, every winter the weather in Chicago will always be cold. It will be snowy and it will be rainy. It's not going to change anytime soon. Stop your bitching and if you don't like it, move somewhere else.

6- I touched on this one briefly yesterday, but Michael Jordan is suing Jewel and Dominicks for unlawfully using his identity in ads that honored MJ's induction into the basketball hall of fame. Jewel used his shoes, and Dominicks used a look alike jersey. You know Michael; although I can understand why you would be upset that they used you without your consent, how about sue them for something we can relate to, like having really high prices on groceries.

7-And finally, as I leave you for this week (unless I do get stuck working tomorrow which I will write a special Christmas column), I would like all of you to root for the Dolphins to beat the Texans for the first time in franchise history bringing them one step closer to the playoffs. That is my Christmas present I ask from all of you.

Have a Merry Christmas