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So this is it baseball fans. Hank Aaron's record of 755 home runs is about to go up in smoke by a man who needs no introduction. We'll just call him Barry. Yes Barry, such a great baseball player. Such a wonderful human being. So many children look up to him, and HE Barry Bonds, is the REAL San Francisco treat.

Oh Barry Bonds is the greatest player in baseball. Check his stats and you will see. Aside from the 753 home runs, he has 1,973 RBIs along with a lifetime .298 average. Stole 514 bases, and his accomplishments. Oh my, 14 time All Star, 7 time MVP for NL, won 8 gold gloves, and 12 silver slugger awards. This man is the shit! Oh my oh my! Long live Barry Bonds, the greatest player in the history of the game. Let's embrace him.

It is a shame you will never see that written about him. Or is it?

We have talked about Bonds before here on the journal. We talked about how he treats his fans, those he loves, and how he looks down on everyone that isn't him. We discussed how Barry plays for Barry, and give two shits about the game. He respects the game sure. Yet, he is a complex human being. One I will not try to figure out for the life of me. And yes, there is that question. Did he roid or no? Will he be indicted for perjury? And will Bud Selig be in Milwaukee for what could possibly be the series where Bonds hits number 756?

OK, I am going to make the statement that no one has made. WHO FUCKING CARES?

Yeah I know, it is a monster record being broken. However, should we as fans care about it? Does it mean anything when a player has shot himself up with more hormones than KFC gives their so-called chickens? Yes, it takes a lot of skill to hit a baseball and be able to line it out there like Bonds has done so many times before, but as many books indicate, did the stuff he is alleged of doing help? And for all the people who say Bonds is the bad guy, where was baseball officials at? They looked away like they did when McGuire and Sosa were trading home runs. Why? The game was getting big once again. People were back into it and the strike of '94 didn't mean anything anymore. Revenue was improving. So what if some guys juice up? At least we have our base back. Does anyone want to call out baseball and the immortal Bud Selig?

My feeling is this, let the man have his record. Let him has his celebration. His kid will be waiting on the plate after 756, he will raise his hands to God and all that, and he'll be the all time home run king in baseball. And then let's all find the best candidate to break his record. The good news, we won't have to wait 25 years like the baseball community had to wait for Bonds to break Aarons's record. Alex Rodriguez is our best chance. He is 30 years old, and has only a couple of HRs to go before hitting 500. He is average 30-40 a year. We may only have to wait 8-9 years to see him break the record.

Alex Rodriguez may not be the most popular guy in baseball, largely in part of his ridiculous contract. However, he is a team player. He does his best, and I am 99% sure he isn't using performance enhancing drugs. Will I be excited to see him do it? Yes. Do I care right now? No. It would be nice to see ESPN turn their back on Bonds, and the rest of baseball. Thumbs up to Aaron for saying he will not be present.

Barry Bonds may be one the greats of the game, but he will not be remembered for his accomplishments on the field. He will be remembered for all the negativity. Yet many years from now, humanity will forgive him for all his misdeeds and give him a place in history or the hall.

The question is, can Bonds forgive himself? Wait a minute, he believes he doesn't do anything wrong. Silly question, my bad.