Welcome to this week's journal. I would like to say I won my bet
for the Superbowl and there was no wardrobe malfunction. After all, if
Paul McCartney's balls popped out of the zipper, even I would have
complained. No one wants to see that shit. 

I wanted to talk about our society right now. I wrote off the whole
Brad and Jen break up as stupid gossip, but now it has become somewhat
of a phenomenon in gossip magazines everywhere. This is ridiculous!

is sad that some poor-ass woman somewhere in America gets more pleasure
out of the whole triangle involving Angelina Jolie than they do raising
their kids. I can't believe the shit they put in these magazines. I
used to think that tabloids like Star and Globe - and let's not forget
the National Enquirer - were the only ones who dealt with stupid shit
like this. Now we see 'respectable' magazines like US, People, In
Touch, and the E! Network cover this shit on a daily basis. If they are
not careful, someone might drop some white powder in their headquarters
too. I believe that was a statement of "this stuff is bullshit." I am
only kidding. I don't think anthrax should be used to critique shitty
journalism, just to shut up Paris Hilton. I kid, I kid.

Hilton is an example of the errors of America. Here is a woman who is
the daughter of people who own a hotel, a prestigious hotel chain at
that, and all she does is make a fool out of herself and thus becomes a
mockery to the Hilton name. She has been out dating and most likely
fucking God-knows-how many people in the last few years. She turns up
in some porno DVD, which she steals from a newsstand, and is acquitted.
There are so many times when we see her on camera drunk, or maybe she's
fucked up on something that hasn't even been invented yet. Yet, she is
one of the most fascinating people of 2004 according to Barbara
Walters, she hosts Saturday Night Live, and she gets a book published.
What the hell is happening here?

Well now it's my turn. Brad,
Jen, Angelina - who the fuck cares? It is obvious that Brad Pitt can
get anyone he wants, Jennifer Anniston will never be a star unless she
is Rachel Green, and Angelina Jolie is Hollywood's favorite home
wrecker. So what? Who cares? Bad question. Obviously many Americans do
because it comes up in the media so much. Why are marriages cover
stories anyway? The Bennifer saga made everyone want to gag, Jessica
and Nick should get themselves a new reality show, and now Ben Affleck,
since he hasn't done anything good since Boiler Room, is making his
star rise by getting in the rags. He is banging Jennifer Garner. So
what? When is America going to stop caring about celebrities and start
caring about themselves?

We have war going on, a President is
telling us our retirement money is going to be gone, gas prices go up,
sales taxes rise, tolls double, and all we care about is which way Brad
and Jen or Angelina have sex. Doggy style, reverse cowgirl, missionary,
oral, anal, etc, etc. Our civil liberties and basic freedoms are being
flushed down the toilet and all we can think about is when Britney is
going to have a baby. Paris Hilton sucked on SNL out loud. The Simple
Life should be renamed Debutant Drop Out School. The people who are
gracing Hollywood lights are tarnishing American skies. We need to stop
caring about these stupid people so they fade away sooner than later.

it. I having nothing else to say. It is nice to appreciate the talents
of those celebs who have some, and trash the ones who don't. I'm
Michael Jae, and this is another edition of Take Back Your Life.