Welcome to the journal and to everyone in Lake County. Tonight's going to be big. It's the return on Michael Jae to Waukegan and everywhere else. Can't wait for this shit!!!!

Back in the 1950's, our boy Emmett Till was killed for allegedly whistling at a white girl. Now 55 years later, we are going to do another autopsy to see if this will lead to any clues of his murder. This is kind of like going into Hiroshima and seeing if life exists beyond the A-bomb. It does, but we know what happened. So what is the point of opening that can of worms? Someone said on TV "justice moves slow." Well, I think the clock has ticked out on Till's case.

If this was such a big deal, why didn't we do this years ago? Why did we let two men walk that committed the murder? Don't believe me? Ask them. They only stepped forward and gave the gory details. We know what happened. So what is the point of an autopsy?

Here we are once again, in our full red, white, and blue glory doing a double take after the fact, like we have so many times before. Either we jump the gun, or we wait until years later to take on something that in a couple of words "has passed by."

It is so ironic that "deep throat" has outed himself now. Gee, that was only 30 years ago. Now who really gives a flying fuck? Although it was pure justice that this man gave Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein information that led to one of the scandals of our history, this guy waits forever to out himself, and now dollar signs are flying in the air. W. Mark Felt, former FBI member was this man. Instead of hiding in the shadows, why not come out and say something? Be proud you helped to preserve sanity in an insane world.

Look at the Michael Jackson trial. Maybe if we got it right the first time, that would have saved many kids from being molested from the wanna-be Peter Pan Pedophile. Think about all the money, time, feelings, and news time that would have been saved.

Iraq is one of the most perfect examples of this. If we went in, and took down Saddam when we had a good reason, think about it now. The country would be united in the cause, and we wouldn't be questioning authority about taking us to war on a premonition rather than facts. Then again, we question our leaders everyday. This would have been an easier pill to swallow if it were done right the first time.

If we did something about steroids in the beginning when Bud Selig, and other members of MLB suspected use, rather than wait for that jag bag Conseco to write a book, make lots of money and infiltrate the mainstream again, baseball fans everywhere would not pissed off at the game. It was a lie like the "home run derby" that brought interest back into baseball after a vicious strike that pissed off everyone.

There are many 'what ifs' in life, and we really can't do anything about the past but learn from it. Not to make the same mistakes. Not to follow the same patterns. We must continue to move forward for the liberation of mankind. Liberation of mankind? What am I talking about? I guess the machines are taking over the Earth. Maybe if we stopped relying on the use of machines…

See you next time