Yep, way to go Miami Dolphins.

Once again you forgot the golden rule of football. Four quarters, 60 minutes, that's what's required to play this game and win.

Your half ass way of football has now bitten you on the ass.

If you beat Pittsburgh, you need wins from New England (who has taken back the AFC east crown), Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Oakland to win to punch your ticket into the post season. The problem; this won't happen not only because 2 of those 4 teams suck, but because God won't allow it. Your team embarrassed every Dolphin fan known to man for 30 minutes on Sunday. I felt sick to my stomach listening to Jimmy, Joe, and the mad dog describe lackluster play from your wonderful team.

It's just heartbreaking to know that all you had to do two weeks ago to get into the post season was to find a way to beat the Tennessee Titans. You guys were on idle for the first half of that game as well, but what the hell would you call this game against a less talented Texan team? Park? Sure, you found a way to get us all giddy with a comeback effort against Tenn., only to throw an interception and blow it. And yes, a nice try in the second half of this game also. To any Dolphin fan that blames the loss on officiating, get real. If this team played the first half, they would have won the game. It wasn't the officials that blew the game for us, it was the team itself. There is no conspiracy about Don Shula pushing around officials back in the early days, or the committee on fair officiating. This being the biggest problem when your team loses; you get a bunch of whack jobs who can't spell talking nonsense. You just have to deal with the fact the Dolphins are a work in progress, they had a tough schedule, and when it mattered most for them to win a few games, they folded. They choked. They blew it. They couldn't close the deal. While Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and a few other select quarterbacks are driving the $93,000 Mercedes, we're stuck with the Hyundai to get to work.

In a game where we crushed the Colts for possession, Peyton Manning still threw for 370 yards and found a way to win. Sure, Ted Ginn could have caught the football in the end zone and we would have tied or possibly won if the two point conversion worked out. Yet, you have to admit, it was the worst 2 minute drill in Dolphins history.

The New Orleans Saints were 30 minutes away from getting their first defeat handed to them by the Dolphins, but no. We let Drew Brees do what he does. Get his team back into the game, and run away with the victory.

We let a bad Buffalo Bills team hang around, and they came back and hit us very hard.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars came very close to beating us, but we stepped it up hard, right guys????

If the last two weeks haven't slapped us in the face, I don't know what will.

This team started 0-3 and ended up either 8-8 or 7-9. I guess its fitting right? Since the last two games went with the Phins coming up big towards the end, but coming up short, it's the story of their season.
Like the Dolphins tempting us to believe they had a shot of getting into the playoffs, only to be let down by the fact this team isn't the Cinderella story we would like it to be.

I'm sorry, I haven't been happy with the quality of play that we have seen from the Dolphins. They're tough, they have heart (even though you wouldn't know it watching the first half on Sunday), and they won't say die, even if they put themselves in predicaments that they have.

Yet, until this group of guys learns how to play 60 minutes of football, don't expect anything but more of the same. No play making receiver, redone linebacker core, new free safety, or anybody else for that matter will change that. 60 minutes means 60 minutes. Not one half, not 3 quarters, nothing! SIXTY MINUTES MUST BE PLAYED TO WIN A GAME!!!!

Am I hopeful for next year? Maybe. We do have a solid quarterback now. We have an offensive line that does a good job of getting Henne protection. If we can resign Ronnie Brownand pray for him to be healthy for a whole season, that's a good thing. Our fullback kicks ass. We have some younger pieces in our defensive puzzle that pull their weight. The future does look bright, but through the smoke of war and the scent of defeat, it's hard to see the forest through the trees.

I would, as a huge Dolphin fan, call for a big game against Pittsburgh for a whole football game. I would like to see Rothlisberger get dumped on his ass, even if he likes it. I would like to see the O Line handle that Pittsburgh defense. I would like to see some electricity out there. Yes the playoff scenario can work for us, as hard as it may be, and we may get in. However, this game isn't about the playoffs. It's about showing your fans that you give a shit. It's about making up for some piss poor efforts the last two weeks in the first half. I will always be a Dolphin fan no matter what. But I will be a "prouder" fan if they show me they mean business against this Steeler team who has a mission. In the end, Miami has the Dolphins. The Dolphins need to make Miami believe in them, so next year, things can go better.