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This one goes to a Sox fan's best friend. No not the mutt you see on Comcast, the mutt that runs the team. That's right Kenny. Enough is enough.

You know, when I agree with Jay Marriotti on an article he wrote bashing the Sox, you know there's a problem.

So Kenny took over the organization in 2001. He has been to the playoffs ONCE since then. Grant it, the Sox won the WS that year, but do the math. He went once in six years. 1/6=.2. Do know what .2 is? It's 17%; a failing grade so roughly speaking Kenny Williams has failed as a GM.

I would say winning the WS was the worst thing that could happen to Kenny. He somehow thought the WS, made him the best GM in all of baseball. His thought process got cloudy. Although he made some good moves at the beginning of 2006, it went down hill from there. Let's take a look at some of the brilliant maneuvers Kenny came up with.

∑ Freddy Garcia for Gavin Floyd (should have gotten Gonzales and Rowand). Yeah I know, Freddy was well on way to be injured, but he still ate up innings and Gavin Floyd is useless. Let's see Gio pitch someday, that would be nice ∑ Brandon McCarthy for Nick Massett, John Danks, and some dude. McCarthy billed as the "future of the team" and Kenny could have unloaded him for Soriano for the rest of 2006, who may have made a difference in making the playoffs that year, but no he unloads him for some guys who we don't know what they can do. (BTW, here's a great quote from Kenny "Well, they're in the back-end of the rotation now, but in 29 other rooms around the building right here these are two guys that everyone would want, and most people in the industry view as top-of-the-rotation guys. Our pitching is not going to be a problem this year. We'll be fine in that area." What the fuck are you smoking, dude?) ∑ Ross Gload, one of the Sox's best work horses to date for Andrew Sisco. Anyone who paid attention in 2007 knows how that ended. Here's Gload's stats as an everyday first baseman AVG .288 51 RBIs and 7 HRs. Sisco: 8.36 ERA, 0-1, 13 strikeouts. And that is 19 innings pitched folks. ∑ The brilliant signing of Toby Hall who goes against the "Ozzieball" rules. His average has been consistently below .220, and he can't run worth crap. ∑ David Ardsma for Neal Cotts. Grant it, Cotts day was over, but never trade with the Cubs? Come on now. ∑ Tadahito Iguchi for who??? Michael Dubee, who the hell is that? Ah, Dubee, Kenny was smoking that when he made the deal. Yes, Kenny is busy. He was supposed to get Torii Hunter, but leave it to a Twin to screw you. No way should he get the $18 mil the Angels are paying. He is not worth that, but the Cabrera trade, I am hearing all sorts of rumors that Dontrelle had to be part of the deal, and Kenny said no. Kenny, stoner! You dropped the rotation. You can't honestly tell me with a straight face that Gavin Floyd is going to help the rotation. The guy has two good starts against Detroit but shitty ones besides that, and he is the answer we're looking for. COME ON KENNY. Now we're dicking around with Aaron Rowand making his return to the Sox over a year or so. Give the man the extra year. You're willing to give the dinosaur Twin 5 years, but not the 30 year old kid. Come on man!

We need another starting pitcher, a good lead off man, and much more to compete with the Indians and the Tigers. Is Kenny willing to do what it takes? Yes I know it's only November, but I am scared. Hey Kenny, make me apologize like I did in 2005. Make some moves. Stop thinking you're the smartest guy in the room and take some chances. You make me question your sanity when I read this quote:

"All this has done is put the Tigers in a better position to contend with us.''

We need to contend with them Kenny. They have the pitching and the offense to run away with this division and the league and the World Series. We have shit right now.

Mark this one down, IF Kenny Williams does not make some REALISTIC changes, I will not spend my money on ONE Sox game this year. If Kenny Williams is not fired for not making any change to the team, I will not watch the Sox anymore until a new GM is in place. I know many feel the same. If you don't believe me, read what other fans have to say.

I am a Sox fan for life, but Kenny, you are compromising that. Stop being a know it all and make us a winner again, you sonofabitch!!!!