Hello everyone and welcome to the journal. As you know, this has been a great week: I just had a birthday, the Michael Jae Project will be back on in Lake County, and most importantly, the Sox defeated the Cubs during the first of two meetings this season. However, Cub fans instead of worrying about how shitty their team is and what they are doing to improve their situation, they want to talk about how the Sox are going to fall off the face of the major league come All Star break.

First I would like to say that Dusty Baker is a worthless manager especially compared to Ozzie. Here is a man who takes one of his star pitchers, Carlos Zambrano, out of a game that he was dominating in and blames it on carpal tunnel syndrome. Apparently his wife bought computer products that are designed to help with carpal tunnel because Zambrano e-mails his brother alot. I wonder if the signature on those e-mails is "I'm on a team that has a stroke for a manager"? How quickly Cub fans turn? A couple of years ago when the Cubs miraculously made it to the playoffs, everyone was saying this is the year of "Dustiny". Well, where are you Cub fans now? Oh yeah, you are calling for his head.

One big excuse I heard from Cub fans regarding the loss this past weekend was "we weren't at full strength". Look, just because Walker and Garciaparra (who I said would end up in a hospital before a year with the Cubs was up) are injured doesn't mean you are not at full strength. It was losing Alou and Sosa that screwed you guys. Yet, you guys ran Sosa out of town. So what if he had an attitude? The Cubs were winning games with him. They just choked in the end because, well, that's the Cub tradition. I know that Cub fans need to make excuses for their existence so I guess I will just sit back and listen, while the Sox are in first place of the entire league.

Then there are you Cub fans that say: "Oh, it is still early in the season." Come July, you guys will still be saying that. We lose two games in a row and it's "oh, oh, looks like a big losing streak." You want a losing streak? Two words, Latroy Hawkins. One reason why the Sox will be much better than the Cubs is we have great closers, a decent bullpen, and we have Ozzie. You have Hawkins, a bunch of pitchers who couldn't throw a ball from the warning track to the fans, and that idiot Baker. Chances are the Sox will do better than the Cubs based on that alone, but the Sox will continue with their winning ways. The theory about how they have played bad teams is crap. They are leading Minnesota in victories over the season, they split with Baltimore, and right now the series is at 1-1 with LA, both of whom are first-place teams in the AL.

Then, the Cub fans want to say: "when Frank comes back, you guys are in trouble". Yeah, well I say when Garciaparra comes back, you'll still suck. Frank has grown up, and he has proven that. When Ozzie takes supposed shots at him, he keeps his mouth shut. That is one example of how Thomas has grown up. He will bring power to this team that is winning games based on speed, and some guys on the team like Dye and Konerko are putting balls out of the park. Ozzie will find a way to work Thomas into the mix, and keep the chemistry of the team alive.

And then you have the audacity to say Ozzie shoots his mouth off too much. Gee, wasn't it good old Dusty who made the comment that blacks can play longer in the sun or something like that? Give Ozzie credit, at least he isn't racist. He just gets behind his team 100%. You think Sosa was a cancer? He has helped the Orioles play better ball this year until his injury. I love the fact that the dumb Cub fans bought tickets to a Sox game just to boo Sosa, and then he didn't show up. That was classic.

In closing, I think this journal backs up what I have been saying since the age of 10. Sox rule, Cubs don't just drool, they salivate. Thanks for reading and go White Sox!!!!!