So I felt it necessary to comment on three issues today.

First, I want to address the Bears. Nice game last night fellas. You played some solid football. Jay Cutler made all you Bear fans see why this man was signed. He shined against one of the best pass rushes in football and threw for four touchdowns and 273 yards. Not bad, Mr. Cutler. He only got picked once. This Chicago is your franchise quarterback. This is the reason you all were so giddy. Enjoy the victory Chicago. As meaningless as it is, it should give you a reason to have some hope in the future. Just pray they can continue this level of play into next year.

Secondly, to the Chicago Bulls: shit or get off the pot. Will Vinny Del Negro be your guy, or not? reported that the Bulls were going to fire Del Negro as soon as another candidate became available, but there's a possibility he will last for the rest of the season, but done after that. GM Gar Forman had a 2pm press conference set up to address these items and he backs out of it. It's not fair to Del Negro. You leave him to a sea of reporters to answer questions about a random report from a website. You don't have his back. You send him out to the street like a child with no friends left to fend for himself; much like you did when you hired him on as coach of your team. If he's your guy, support him. If not, let him go. This childish crap needs to stop. If you're looking for a replacement, then look faster. Del Negro has done the best he can, and I will give him points for his effort. Perhaps his delivery has not been successful. Yet, the man needs to move on if he is to be fired.

And finally, the big thing I want to talk about. After listening to the Miami Dolphins funeral on Sunday, something else bad happened. I tuned into NFL radio to find out that the Indianapolis Colts pulled their starters in the 3rd quarter against the New York Jets. They did so to prevent injuries from happening, so they say. In their defense, you're playing a hungry Jets team with a top rated defense who could quite obviously give your quarterback a headache. However, when you're quarterback's named Peyton Manning, and Jeff Saturday's the first wall a defender needs to go through, I would take my chances.

Bottom line, the Colts and their fans got screwed. As a fan of the only undefeated franchise in football history, I would like to say that the way this went down stinks. If the undefeated record remains in tact, it should be done in a way where one team beat the other team with all their starters, at full strength, and not some pussy ass team president pulling the strings. Least of all, the fucking Jets! I feel bad for all the Colts fans that have shown this team support from the beginning of when the Colts were in our division before they became the super team they are today. The way Colts management treated those fans purely outrageous. Tickets to football games aren't cheap. Especially in this age of people losing jobs and their homes.

While you're sitting up there in your luxury suite Bill Polian eating your caviar and drinking your champagne, many hard working people in Indy are sitting there in your Lucas Oil Stadium enjoying a competitive football game you put the brakes on. I can't completely hold Caldwell responsible due to the fact he's a rookie coach, and he likes his job. But I can hold the suit responsible. Not only did you fuck your fans over, you screwed the team over. They were breaking records, rewriting history, and you stopped all of that, for what? So the New York Jets could sneak their way into the playoffs? The Jets don't even deserve a playoff spot. They have played some pretty brutal football. I know the decision wasn't made for the Jets; it's for the good of the Colts winning the Super Bowl.

And guess what guys? You'd better win it now. The way that the city of Indianapolis forgets about this bad decision is bringing the Lombardi trophy back. Everything else about the Colts is completely meaningless now. It's all about the Super Bowl, or as the radio ads say, "The big game."

However, in the grand scheme of things, isn't that what's football meaning is? You play the best you can, get to the Super Bowl and win it. It's not about having the perfect season, no matter how close you are to it. The Patriots were 18-0 going into the Super Bowl and what happened? They lost. Better to lose a game in week 16 of the regular season than being bounced out of the post season. As far as I'm concerned, you let a team like the Jets, a hated rival of mine, sneak into January football, that's unless the Bengals take care of business Sunday night.

All I know for sure, Colts fans, is I would kill for a 14-1 season. Although the way it went down sucked, just remember you are cheering on an elite team. Don't take that for granted. Although I'm happy to see our team rebuild and get stronger season after season, and go from 1-15 to division champs the next year, I would kill to see us kick everyone's ass. If we were that elite team, you wouldn't have squeaked by with that week 2 win over us. Yeah, Manning was great in that game. However, we were one dropped catch away from overtime. It's all good though.

Bottom line Bill Polian and Jim Caldwell. Your team owes the city of Indy a Super Bowl victory. Anything less would be unacceptable. You pull starters for the sake of winning, fine. Now go out there and win. And don't come back until you do, yaw hear?!?!