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                              HAPPY ST PATRICKS DAY!


So I was at Little Villa the other day with Rock and I started watching the NCAA Tournament and I have to say, I am hooked!!!


We were drinking beer, watching the Boston College/Texas Tech and Georgetown/Belmont games and I was mesmerized by the quickness and craziness of the games. These kids go for broke. They elbow, steal, and rebound. It is craziness, and I am hooked.


I used to think all the people who filled out their brackets were nuts. I used to think college basketball was just for frat parties getting ready to trash the sororities. I thought the NCAA tournament was a way for bookies to make their keep. I was wrong. It is fun to watch, and the action moves very quickly.


Filling out the brackets is neato too. I picked mine the second day of the tournament and I made my past picks honestly. I am sure Rock would be kind enough to remind me how I said Texas Tech would take down Boston, but he kept saying Boston College is good. I don't know shit about this other than past results and what I watch on ESPN.


All I know is I have found a new tradition for myself and next year, not only am I going to find a way to turn the bracket into some kind of pool, but I will have a Final Four party too, with lots of booze!

Once again, Happy St Patty's day!!!!