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Thing #1
The good news, Tiger Woods has been named the AP Golfer of the Year, along with Sportsman of the decade. The bad news, Tag Heuer, the watch company has decided they would be better served without the loose golfer as their spokesperson. The best news for Tiger of all, no one has come forward with his son/daughter yet.

Thing #2
So Cub fans, your bad case of cancer has been put down? Milton Bradley has been traded to the Seattle Mariners for Carlos Silva and his $25 million contract. Sure, you took on more money, but Seattle gave you a $9 million credit. Congrats. This should make you guys win the World Series this year. In fact, Cub fans, the ceiling has been raised to the heavens for you guys for the next few years. Don't kid yourselves people. You may have gotten rid of a symptom. But the real disease lies in the north side of Chicago. GO WHITE SOX!!!!

Thing #3
Put a microphone in Bobby Knight's face and what do you have? Another great quote…

"We've gotten into this situation where integrity is really lacking and that's why I'm glad I'm not coaching. You see we've got a coach at Kentucky who put two schools on probation and he's still coaching. I really don't understand that."

Some of us don't either Bobby. Some of us don't either.

Thing #4
The battle for perfection continues tonight on NFL network. We saw the game on Thursday when Indy pulled another victory out of their ass, or Jacksonville's QB David Garrad gave them the game with his two bad passes, one of which got picked. Tonight it's New Orleans defending their streak against the streaky Dallas Cowboys. Not such a big game for New Orleans as their plans for the post season wrapped up, other than the whole undefeated thing, but Dallas hangs on by a thin thread. Tony Romo fights to get his December record back to 500, and his team into the postseason. Medics will be standing by to do the Heimlich maneuver on Romo, just in case he chokes again. Yet, my young boy, I have some bad news. The Palace in Dallas, Jerry Jones, or not even the lovely Jessica Simpson can save you. You and December need to stop dating. In fact, Jones should sign a new December QB for the Cowboys. You can go out and golf for that month, while someone else can play in December. Just my opinion folks.

Thing #5
Chad Johnson gave an emotional speech in regards to his team mate and friend Chris Henry who just died in an accident this past week. I refuse to call him Ochocinco btw. Any hoot, Johnson said he wants to wear Henry's jersey and does not care about the repercussions. A message to Roger Goddell let him wear the damn jersey. No matter what many of us think of Henry, number 85 wants to honor his friend in his own way to help get closure in the matter. Just let it go. I think for one game, it should be no big deal. Otherwise, he will do some kind of ridiculous stunt like dress up like Zeus, or pick a fight with Merriman. Let him wear the jersey!!!!!

Thing #6
The Bears game, and I use that term loosely got rescheduled to 3:15pm for tomorrow. Let's be real here folks, this will not be a game. It will be a merciless annihilation by Ray Lewis and his gang from Baltimore. No Lovie, your super positive energy will not save the team. Bear weather will not shield them from that D-Line crushing the fossils you call an offensive line. And Mr. Cutler, Ed Reed will be your best friend as he intercepts you all day, twice on Sunday. Yeah, that's right. Two interceptions at least on Sunday. One being a pick six. Mark it down

Thing #7
And finally, Vince Young. We're ready for you. Chris Johnson, get ready to run into a J-Peezy JT sandwich. The Dolphins be coming into your house, and they need to go to the bathroom. So they might as well shit all over your house. We'll see who win that race CJ between you and Ginn. My honest opinion, I am very nervous about this game. Mission 3W!!!! GO DOLPHINS!!!!

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