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So Sox fans, will we see the end of one the best pitchers ever to grace the south side? Mark Buehrle, who has been a face of this organization for the last few years, a mentor for many young players, and a funny guy may be leaving and it's all your fault Kenny Williams.

Yeah that's right. I threw a stone at Kenny, the man who many of you Sox fans say we can't bash because he brought home a championship. This man has let many people go who have turned around and bit him in the ass and instead of saying he let them go for the good of the team, he vilified them. His ego is the size of the city, and he thinks he knows so well. Well Kenny me boy, your guy Gavin Floyd turned into a batting cage for the Twins on Friday night. Yeah you look the man because Freddy is injured, and McCarthy looks like crap, but you still rolled the dice.

Kenny has said he doesn't want to give into a no trade clause with Buehrle because he is looking out for the future of the team. Well buddy, Buehrle is the future of the team. I have five very convincing reasons why you need to resign Buehrle right now!

1. He's young and experienced. At 28, Mark Buehrle has another 5 to 6 years minimum to remain great, and knowing that, he's the future. You build the team around him. You use Mark as number one, and Garland as number two, and Vasquez or Danks as your three. You can lose Contreras, and even dump Vazquez for all I care. You may even get something good for him. Yes I know, Buehrle will pay great dividends, but he's the guy in your rotation.

2. He has proven himself to be reliable. One bad season this man has had, and I will admit, I will calling for his head. However, my better judgment took over in the off-season and I remembered, everyone has a bad year. Yet, take a look at his past. Over 7 seasons with the Sox, 102 career wins, which means he is averaging anywhere between 14-16 a season. He will eat innings like they were breakfast and spit out earned runs for lunch as his ERA has been consistently low for someone who gets hit a lot. The man knows how to win, and came through in a big way during the World Series as he came out of the pen to nail down a 14 inning game after starting a few days before. And not to mention, he had a no hitter earlier in the year.

3. He is giving you a chance to steal him away at a huge discount. We all know the Sox have been historically cheap over the years, and a pitcher like Buehrle doesn't come this cheap that often. At 4 years 56 mill, you are getting the deal of the century. This no trade clause should have been given to him because you can always ask him to wave it if you need to. You also have given two other pitchers no trade clauses as well. And now, it appears the clause isn't holding up the deal. What is the problem Kenny Williams? You're a betting man. The odds are in your favor for keeping this man and the price he is charging is very fair. Who are you going trade him for? The Elk Grove High School team?

4. Who is going to be the ace on the team if Mark goes? You put your eggs in the Contreras basket this year, and he started off by giving up 9 earned runs in two innings. His ERA this year is 5.10 and he is 5-10 at this point. Hardly the stats of any number one pitcher. Vazquez is so streaky, and he is your stopper until the fifth or sixth inning. I believe Javy has done much better this season than last, but he doesn't fill that void. Jon Garland is a very reliable 2 or 3, but he can't lead your staff. He is still very much developing. Maybe in a few more years he is your number one, and Johnny Danks, although he is my guy and I love his stuff, it's his first year. So why not sign Buehrle to help lead your starters to victory? He has proven himself to be a mentor to Danks, a welcome sign for many young players who take a liking him, and he is a leader in the clubhouse.

5. Us Sox fans want him back! Yeah, we know, this is a business and things happen. We have heard Kenny say so many times that the fans don't understand what he goes through. Yeah he likes Mark, but business is business. OK businessman, I have heard from many Sox fans if Buehrle goes, they will stop coming. Is that good for business? And Sox fans are not like Cub fans. They will let management know when they screw up. You will see empty seats at the cell when the fans don't like what is going on. Look at the games lately. Listen to the season ticket holders on the radio bitch about what's happening. The White Sox as a product are not as attractive, but that's why Kenny fired the marketing agency right? Giving Buehrle away will not help considering he is one of the most popular players on the team.

The bottom line, keeping him around means you deal with someone you know personally. Trading him means you are acquiring new people (which I assume knowing Kenny and his whole "building for the future BS") and that comes with new problems, adjustments, and years going by where you look more like the Nats than a championship team. The Sox still have a window open to compete next year. I implore you Kenny Williams, don't let the ace and face get away. Sign Buehrle and do it quickly. If not, we all suffer. Regardless whether or not the fans understand the business of baseball, and whether or not you remember what its like to be a fan.