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The Changing Stats of Entertainment and News Media
Despite this fundamental change in how we enjoy what's on offer, however, we can tend to take things for granted. Make no mistake, we live in the future, and if we take a step back to see the path travelled, we can better appreciate what we have today.Movies and TVBack in the year 2000, viewers had no choice but to wat... continue reading
Are casino free spins really worth it?
If you're into online casinos and think you might enjoy spending and hour here and there spinning video slots for the chance of winning big, you've probably noticed that there are a number of casinos that offer new players free spins either just for signing up in a casino or together with your first deposit. However, t... continue reading
Ryanair - how can they fly with their prices?
It was a cold winter night when I boarded yet another four-hour Ryanair flight to Malta. I had paid EUR 15 for my ticket plus roughly EUR 10 for extras like priority boarding and seat selection. The night was cold with around 10 minus degrees. While waiting in the plane for it to take off, having watched a lot of Air C... continue reading
US Election 2020: Three talking points from the latest Democratic primary debate
The third - and latest - Democratic primary debate recently took place and it was exactly that: a debate. It was three hours of verbal-sparring, which at times got nasty, with the 10 top-tier candidates facing off against each other.

Mayor for South Bend, Indiana, Pete Buttigieg called it "unwatchable", continuing:... continue reading
Online Casinos in Canada - what's the deal?
In Canada, any online gambling activity falls under the jurisdiction of each state. Offshore online casinos are also impacted, but to a lesser extent, by these laws. Canadian residents are entitled to play online without any restrictions, but that doesn't mean you should just play anywhere. Hundreds of online casinos a... continue reading
Known asteroids threatening Earth during our lifetime
NASA has been mapping asteroids that might be a threat to Earth for a few years now. In 2013 NASA released a map of potentially hazardous asteroids. Astronomers think that there are around 1 million potentially dangerous "rocks" out there, but only thousands of them have been identified so far.

Rocks with a size of... continue reading
Sleep study: It's not about power naps, it's about sleeping
While there have lately been a number of articles promoting less sleep, power naps, and everything related, The World Health Organization and the recent study suggests that while your heroes might be doing it - be Donald Trump, Elon Musk or Lady Gaga - sleep is important and you should sleep at least seven hours a day ... continue reading
Trump upset about Fox News town hall with Bernie Sanders
On Monday Fox News aired a town hall with Bernie Sanders. The event, that wasn't really meant to be in favor of Bernie, at least from where Fox News was sitting, ended up giving Bernie some good publicity. And although it wasn't a competition between Bernie Sanders and Fox News anchors, Bernie still somehow managed to ... continue reading
Sen. Bernie Sanders released a decade of tax returns
Senator Bernie Sanders released a decade worth of tax returns on Monday, something he has always promised to do. Unlike the current president, 45, also known as the eight-year-old-bully, he has done what he has promised to do.

His tax returns show that he's done very well for himself since the last presidential run... continue reading
Refreshingly open email from sort-of-a-bank
Revolut just sent their customers a cool refreshing message about Brexit...or just a nice marketing email, or a "disgraceful message written by the most obnoxious of marketing interns." It really depends whom you ask.

Dear [name], You're probably Reesly sick of hearing about Brexit by now. We understand. It's all v... continue reading
Those Stupid Assumptions about ALIENS
Are we alone? Or are there aliens out there in other universes, other galaxies? It's difficult to say anything for sure, but considering there are allegedly 2 trillion galaxies, the odds might not be so low. There might easily be dozens, thousands, or why not even hundreds of millions inhabited planets. Although, actua... continue reading
Lithuanian man the only passsenger on 189-seat Boeing
With all the troubles Boeing is going through right now, some might think this has something to do with it, but the reality is that it simply happened. Tour operator Novaturas had chartered a flight from Bergamo to Vilnius for a big group of passengers, and in order to fly back not empty, some one-way tickets back to B... continue reading
Next week's news headlines - from same-sex driving to water-proof vodka
The week is already almost over, so we decided that it might be about time to decide on next week's news. Just in case we don't have time to come up with anything sensible or senseless next week due to issues of drunkenness, idiocy, or simple laziness.

Malta to be become the first country to legalize same sex drivin... continue reading
Is Boeing 737 MAX 8S safe to fly?
As no survivors are found on the site of Ethiopian Airlines crash, people are visibly concerned and asking if Boeing 737 MAX 8S is safe to fly? And the question is a legit one, considering it's not the first accident that has happened to this new airliner. In October 2018 an Indonesian airliner, The Lion Air, crashed i... continue reading
Facebook ads policies...and their non-working algorithms
Facebook is allegedly improving their system to detect fake news, to detect...pretty much everything that should or shouldn't be shared in there. But based on the last two days when I've tried to promote a few of my articles through Facebook Ads - just to say, none of which is related to gambling or financial products ... continue reading
When 8-year-olds are not allowed to act like Trump
Children today are in a very tough situation - their role models like their Trump-voting parents and the president #45 himself, they contradict everything that is said by their common sense, or faith, or non-Trumpists, or their teachers, or ... and if that's so, how the hell should young people learn what's appropriate... continue reading
Crowdfunding - supporting Trump, Flat Earth, or shot in the head
For no good reason whatsoever, I've been following the progress of three crowdfunding projects that have all been live for probably around two weeks. So I decided to share those three. One of them is a project on an Estonian crowdfunding site where a flat earther is trying to get together EUR 2700 to do Cavendish exper... continue reading
Rep. Steve King does his best to look like a fool
Google CEO Sundar Pichai had to answer a bunch on different questions at a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Tuesday. Among the people questioning him was Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) who asked Pichai for example why his 7-year-old granddaughter had seen a photo of the congressman with inappropriate language while playi... continue reading
How we waste our resources for nothing
If you start thinking about it, a lot of what we do, in our spare time or as our work, doesn't really produce any real value to the world. Just compare let's say plumbers, electricians and vegetarians to a guy or a gal who's doing psychic readings. Okay, it's a very bad example, but you get the point. Probably if you t... continue reading
Finland according to Trump
According to Trump Mexicans are mainly rapists, Nigerians will "never go back to their huts", Haitian immigrants have all AIDS, and African countries in general are shithole countries. But what about Finland?

Well, according to Trump Finns are spending most of their days raking and that's why they don't have too man... continue reading
Trump vs Obama - a story of a delusional man
We seem to be in an age of narcissists, and sadly enough too many of the voters don't seem to be able to see it. So from this perspective, I guess, they deserve the narcissist as a president.

On the phone with the media early Thursday morning, when asked what he was most thankful for, the narcissist said that I made... continue reading
What are the cheapest places to live in the world
If you live a lifestyle where you can travel and work at the same time, but your work is not the highest paying one in the world, you might want to know what the cheapest places to live in the world are before you move to another country. Just to find a place that you like, and of course, something that would work for ... continue reading
How much money can you make trading forex?
I have seen too many people asking that question - how much can I earn by trading currencies, by trading forex? And as many of you might have assumed, there is no definitive answer, but let us look into it.

But before we move on to the calculations to see forex earning potential, you do need to keep in mind that 90%... continue reading
Trump - the protector of peace and harmony? Right.
After the bomb scare yesterday that was targeted at Clintons, Obamas, and CNNs office, Trump said that "No nation can succeed that tolerates violence or the threat of violence as a method of political intimidation, coercion or control. Such conduct must be fiercely opposed and firmly prosecuted."

And then of course... continue reading
Britain marches for second referendum
Up to 700 000 protesters marched to London's Parliament Square on Saturday, demanding a new referendum on Brexit and/or to have a say on the final Brexit deal with the EU. While the police was not able to estimate the size of the crowd, it's likely it was up to 700 000.

The organizers of the protest sad that the new... continue reading
Another day, another stupid announcement from Trump
The wannabe president-businessman Trump announced yesterday that he is now pulling out of nuclear arms treaty.

Trump's reasoning for that - "Russia has violated the agreement. They've been violating it for many years." In other words - I'm not doing anything that others are not doing I'm just doing it better. At le... continue reading
Trading forex? Here's one of the best daytrading strategies
If you're just learning to trade forex and haven't figured out what strategy or strategies to use for your day trading, I have been testing a few and so far this one seems to be the trading strategy with most potential. At least for now.

Which forex daytrading broker to use?
If you haven't chosen a broker to trade... continue reading
How to protect yourself from electromagnetic fields
The electromagnetic fields are all around us, and while we can't avoid them all, we should avoid them whenever we can. It has been suggested that it is more important to do so for young people, pregnant women, but also other who intend to have kids in the future.

What is an electromagnetic field?
"An electromagneti... continue reading
Is Kellyanne Conway on drugs?
The lady MUST be on drugs - any other explanation would not explain her ridiculous statements.

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, while saying that she too is a victim of sexual assault, said that "This is not Bill Cosby. Those -- those comparisons on your network are a disgrace, and the anchor should hav... continue reading
Is microwave bad when it comes to nutrients?
There have been many stories about microwave in the past and whether it's actually healthy to cook your food using a microwave oven. Or if it is generally healthy, does microwaving your food cause any significant nutrient loss?

The truth is that ANY kind of cooking results in at least some sort of loss of nutrients.... continue reading
Coca-Cola is looking into weed
According to a statement from the company, Coca-Cola is considering using the non-psychoactive CBD in some of their beverages.

Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers said that while no decisions have yet been made, they are looking into adding the compound in their functional wellness beverages. They are allegedly in talk... continue reading
Would it be possible to turn Sahara desert green again?
Would it be possible to turn Sahara desert green again? According to one scientist, yes. Although it wouldn't be a simple, nor small task, on the drawing board it's not just possible to stop the expansion of Sahara desert, but it might be possible actually to reverse its course.

Eugenia Kalnay, a prominent scientist... continue reading
Woodward vs Trump - is there even a choice?
Woodward vs Trump - is there even a choice?

Bob Woodward's book, "Fear: Trump in the White House," that is about the be released September 11, has already started to cause problems for the Trump administration. While the book might not be saying anything too new or surprising for anyone who has ever heard Trump spea... continue reading
How many vegans could the world sustain?
The idea of vegetarianism and veganism is becoming more popular every day, for more than one reason. Some people say they want to live a healthier lifestyle while others want to alleviate animal suffering. And a number of people wish to reduce greenhouse gas emissions or say that living as a vegetarian or vegan is more... continue reading
Trump: I shall reverse everything Obama has done
Trump, so badly wanting to be better than Obama, and thinking everything he thinks and does are better than Obama's decisions, is on a crusade to reverse everything Obama has done, and screw up the country, and the world, at the same time.

The latest thing we can add to the to-do list of the eight-year-old bully is ... continue reading
Trump and Iran - story of a current bully with a fractured ego and a street fighter trying to survive the world
After withdrawing from the multinational deal with Iran, Trump said that Iran is "treating us with much more respect right now, than they did in the past." With all his years in business, has Trump only learned one thing? That intimidation and fear might work? Hasn't he lever learned, maybe from his father, although pr... continue reading
According to need an ID to buy groceries
During a rally in Florida Donald Trump said that you need a picture ID card to buy groceries in the United States. If Trump remains the president for too long, maybe that will be the case. But for now I wonder if 45 has actually ever been grocery shopping. Or has been anywhere out of his own head at all.

Trump said... continue reading
The president did nothing wrong
That seems to be the main statement coming out of the White House as well as Trump's own mouth. Be it any, and I do mean ANY other person, doing ANY other job, he or she would have been fired a long time ago for ANY reason. For being a blatant liar, a person nobody wants to work with, a terrible boss, a bad negotiator ... continue reading
Trump becomes the kid next door 2.0 after his ego is hit
Trump has always been able to show his true face from the worst possible angle, but before today he hasn't shown us the shouting bitch on Facebook side. But nobody should actually be surprised now that this has happened.

Here's his latest tweet:
"To Iranian President Rouhani: NEVER, EVER THREATEN THE UNITED STATES ... continue reading
What pushed Bitcoin price up 10 percent?
Bitcoin price jumped around 10 percent in just one hour. What's the reason for this? What caused the price hike two days ago?

1. The appointment of David Solomon as the new chief executive of US investment bank Goldman Sachs. Why would it matter? Last month Soloman said that he's considering looking in to adding fur... continue reading
Isn't it the media's job to call the president to order?
Trump has always been saying that the media is against him and ... you know, anything he doesn't like, is obviously fake news. But by saying that isn't he actually calling for an end of democracy and free press? The media in democratic (as well as in non-democratic as much as possible) society has always been the socie... continue reading
Trump about Harley-Davidson: If it moves operations overseas, they will be taxed like never before!
Harley Davidson's CEO Matthew S Levatich announced that the company will be moving part of its operation overseas. Trump's answer is as usually, the one of an eight-year-old bully - "A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country-never! Their employees and customers are already very angry at them. If they m... continue reading
Crypto king John McAfee to run for president in 2020
The McAfee anti-virus creator John McAfee announced earlier this month that he will run for President of the United States in 2020. Although, truth be told, this isn't the first time. He also run for president in 2016 as a Libertarian, but he lost the party ticket to former New Mexico governor and current pothead Gary ... continue reading
When two dictators meet
As praised by Fox News, the meeting of two dictators is currently in progress and what do two dictators do when they meet each other? They praise each other with overwhelming compliments.

After talking for three hours as well as a working lunch, Trump said that "We had a really fantastic meeting. A lot of progress./... continue reading
In defense of Morgan Freeman
A few days ago CNN published their "exclusive" report about Morgan Freeman's inappropriate behavior. While victims of assault and harassment do deserve to be heard, aren't we getting to the point where we are taking things too far?

The CNN's report looks like an individual blogger's desperate attempt to get wide cov... continue reading
Trump as undecisive as ever, after cancelling the date he really wanted to go on
Two days ago Trump announced that he has cancelled the meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, after deciding that he'll play the chicken game and be the chicken. He was afraid that after the attacking remarks the North Korean leader made, Kim would cancel the summit, and Trump wanted to be the first to do th... continue reading
Abortions blamed for school shootings? Only in America
But abortions aren't the only culprits. There's also removal of religion from schools, too many entrances to schools, unarmed teachers, irresponsible gun owners, and violent video games. Obviously, it's not the guns and the ease of buying them. Never. That's if you choose to believe Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick.

Here'... continue reading
There is a lie in each of Trump's tweets
And there's a lie in this title. He doesn't lie in all of his tweets, maybe just half of them. Although sometimes he does lie multiple times in one tweet. For example, yesterday between 9:04 am and 9:37 am he managed to tweet five times (probably while watching Fox & Friends). What is he tweeting about? Well, if you've... continue reading
7 weird American things
Whenever a friend of mine comes back from the United States, I hear some things that to me sound totally ridiculous. Maybe it's just me but many things simply don't seem to make any sense at all.

Prices in shops
When you go shopping, the price you see on an item is actually not the real price you pay at checkout. ... continue reading
The thing called Estonian e-Residency
A few years ago the small country Estonia announced that they will be offering e-Residency to everyone in the world, to everyone who wants it. E-residency is sort of a borderless digital society for global citizens. The e-Residents have access to the EU business environment and they can use e-services by using their di... continue reading
Stranger Things creators sued for theft of concept
After two seasons of Stranger things, someone has finally decided that the authors of Stranger Things stole the idea from him. What took him that long is a good question. If there's any merit to the claim at all.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday by Charlie Kessler. He's accusing Matt and Ross Duffer of "misappropriat... continue reading
Artificial Meteor Shower? Sure, just pay $40 000
A company in Japan, Astro Live Experience (ALE), is developing technology to create the world's first artificial meteor shower. And the first artificial meteor shower should be seen in spring 2020 over a 200-kilometer area on the sky of the Setouchi Region.

To do that, the company is placing microsattelites 350 kilo... continue reading
Sarkozy in custody in campaign funding probe
According to Reuters, Nicolas Sarkozy, the former French President, has been taken to police custody and is being questioned about Libyan funding for his 2007 election campaign.

Judicial inquiry into the allegations that Sarkozy benefited from funds from Muammar Gaddafi was opened back in 2013.

Sarkozy served as... continue reading
The difference between Finnish and the rest of us
The Finnish people have always been a weird crowd.

When it's +15C (it's as warm as it gets in Finland, so let's start from here)
Spanish wear winter clothes and gloves. Finnish are sunbathing.

When it's +10C
French are trying to get their central heating to work. Finnish are planting seeds in their gardens.

... continue reading
Stephen Hawking, the last smart man on earth, dies at the age of 76
Stephen Hawking, world renowned British physicist, and possibly the smartest man on earth, died at the age of 76 early hours of Wednesday morning.

"Stephen Hawking's integrity and scientific dedication placed him above pure brilliance," said Apple's co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Hawking was famed for his work with ... continue reading
Stormy Daniels offers to pay back $130,000
Stormy Daniels, the adult film star who allegedly had an affair with Trump, has offered to pay back the $130,000 she was paid to keep her silent about his involvement with Trump. She has done so in order to be able to freely talk about Donald Trump and release any text messages, videos, and photos.

The offer was ma... continue reading
Nuclear fusion not as far away as you might think
According to MIT scientists, nuclear fusion will be reality within 15 years.

"The aspiration is to have a working power plant in time to combat climate change. We think we have the science, speed and scale to put carbon-free fusion power on the grid in 15 years," said Bob Mumgaard, CEO of the private company Commonw... continue reading
Living on flat earth? So where's the edge?
Although it's now year 2018 not year 200, there are still enough people who think that round earth is just a conspiracy theory and that the earth is actually flat. Among them are also some more known people who maybe couldn't be called celebrities, but whose name might be somewhat familiar to at least some. People such... continue reading
Sometimes four does equal five
A company in New Zealand has announced the creation of a workplace that is fit for purpose for the 21st century. What is means is that it has granted its employees four-day work week while paying for five.

The company Perpetual Guardian announced this six-week trial for all of its 200+ employees.

A philanthropy... continue reading
ICC, what is it good for?
ICC or the International Criminal Court was created in 1998 and began functioning on 1 July 2002. ICC is an intergovernmental organization and international tribunal that sits in The Hague in the Netherlands. Its role is to prosecute individuals for the international crimes against humanity, war crimes, and genocide. I... continue reading
Trump says UK's National Health System doesn't work. Common sense answered.
Trump tweeted that "The Democrats are pushing for Universal HealthCare while thousands of people are marching in the UK because their U system is going broke and not working. Dems want to greatly raise taxes for really bad and non-personal medical care. No thanks!"

Politicians and protesters on the streets on London... continue reading
Trump says foreign aid is only for HIS friends
While in most other countries in the world, when their leader says something, he is representing the entire country, and the country's people accept it, when Trump says anything, often even his strongest supporters feel like hiding their faces for a moment. On Tuesday night Trump told the Congress that he wants to rest... continue reading
Trump says he'd apologise for his retweets, yet doesn't
While many media channels are shouting that Trump finally apologised for something he's said or done, that's not exactly right. What we are talking about here are his retweets of anti-Muslim videos from Britain First, a British far-right group.

Trump was interviewed on ITV, a UK television channel, by his old buddy ... continue reading
Farage suggests a second Brexit referendum
Nigel Farage suggested yesterday that a second EU referendum should be held, should the parliament reject the current Brexit deal negotiated with the EU. His call comes as a surprise to many, considering he has always been pro-Brexit, and actually still is.

His point is that a second Brexit vote would lead to a more... continue reading
Trump grumpy about Obama deal that was actually made by Bush
Trump has just just cancelled his trip to London to open the new billion dollar embassy. It would have been his first official trip to UK as a president. He said that Obama Administration had sold the best located embassy for nothing to build a new one which is located in a worse place.

He tweeted that "Reason I can... continue reading
Disgraced Sheriff Joe Arpaio shows his true EQ/IQ once again
Just as you thought it might be over, another person brings up the topic of Obama's birth certificate. Thank you for that, formerly known as disgraced sheriff Joe Arpaio, now the Senate candidate.

Arpaio has once again said that Obama's birth certificate is a fake and that there's no doubt about that whatsoever. He... continue reading
Navalny officially barred from running for president
Alexei Navalny has now been formally barred from running for president of Russia by The Central Election Commission due to his conviction in a fraud case. This doesn't come as a surprise to anyone, as such a move was long expected, but it does show the state of Russia today one way or another.

Navalny for his part h... continue reading
Trump wants Washington Post reporter fired
Trump called for a Washington Post reporter to be fired for a (almost) misleading tweet which the reporter deleted just 20 minutes later.

David Weigel, the reporter in question, tweeted a photo of the crowd at Pensacola Bay during Trump's speech. The photo showed numerous empty seats. After being told by others that... continue reading
Fairy tale controversy arises as all other world problems have been solved
As all other problems in the world disappear, the Pope wants to change the wording of a book of fiction. People are outraged.

The pope suggested that believers of the book written by a team of copywriters, and edited by more, are often confused by the Lord's prayer called "Our Father" and said it's time to change it... continue reading
Reverse sexism
Sexism is a "prejudice, stereotyping, or discrimination, typically against women, on the basis of sex." But lately, when you follow the news, you can't help but wonder, isn't the outrage over portrayal, or non-portrayal, of women, often misplaced?

Nikon recently ran an ad campaign featuring a team of 32 professiona... continue reading
Climate change & sea level rise - confused how melting ice can cause water levels to rise?
There are many people out there, both people who believe in climate change and people who might not, who don't understand at least one important aspect about it. When talking to a good friend of mine recently, while he was agreeing that what we are doing to out planet can cause problems, he told me that the rising sea ... continue reading
Another whackjob set to prove the earth is flat
The number of people who haven't heard about the theory that the earth is flat is decreasing every day, since the controversial topic has been in the news quite a bit lately.

Around two months ago the "rapper" BoB started a GodFundMe campaign to "purchase and launch multiple weather balloons and satellites into spa... continue reading
End of days coming this weekend, numerologists claim
If the news about the upcoming doomsdays would have been true, the world would have ended at least a dozen of times already. But last I checked, we're still here. However, that doesn't mean that the conspiracy theorists couldn't come up with dozens of new dates and the latest "prediction" has been made for this weekend... continue reading
Great Mad TV sketches of Steven Segal before he became a Russian citizen
Steven Segal was given Russian citizenship last year by Vladimir Putin, in 2016. He has been a huge supporter of Putin for a while now. He has called him "one of the greatest world leaders if not the greatest world leader alive today." While these days, you might actually be able to say he's a among the smartest world ... continue reading
Virginia's famous "middle-finger-cyclist" just got fired
On October 28, Juli Briskman, a Virginia cyclist, was photographed showing her middle finger at Trump's motorcade as it drove past her. Now she's been fired by her company, Akima L.L.C.

She raised her middle finger after she had seen Trump's motorcade going past her. She said that it was a totally spontaneous gestur... continue reading
71% of Americans believe politics have reached a dangerous low
According to a new poll by Washington Post and University of Maryland, 71% of Americans believe politics have reached a dangerous low. With Trump's average approval rating floating at around 36% and disapproval rating at 58% (according to Gallup), that's not really anything unexpected.

Some 1,663 adults were intervi... continue reading
Mueller reportedly obtained the first sealed indictment on Friday
Robert Mueller, the special counsel overseeing the Russia investigation, reportedly filed the first criminal charges on Friday, according to CNN. The charges are part of the inquiry into Russia's interference during the 2016 presidential election.

It's currently not known who has been charged exactly or whether ther... continue reading
Small two-man Montana company to get Puerto Rico's power back on
Small, just two-year old company from Montana, has just landed a deal to get Puerto Rico's power back on. The company that had just two full-time employees during the time Hurricane Maria made landfall, signed a $300 million contract with the Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority last week.

Whitefish Energy will be r... continue reading
What would you do if there was no tomorrow?
If I told you today that there's no tomorrow, would you do the same things today as you initially intended? Would you keep to your preset routine you've probably unknowingly established for yourself? Or would you got nuts, would you do something completely different for a change? If you chose the latter, the question i... continue reading
Strange things people can bet on
There are some very strange things going on in this world, and as it turns out, there might be a way to bet on most of them.

Back in 2013 people in the UK were betting on the future heir's name. This bet was offered by an Irish paddy power betting site. They gave out 500:1 odds on Fergie. The top candidates were Ale... continue reading
The Ultimate Man Cave!
As anyone who lives with their wife or girlfriend will tell you, you don't get much of a say in how the house looks. Not unless you have a particular passion for interior design, at any rate. No matter what you say, the missus isn't going to let you mount the dartboard in the living room and your big leather recliner c... continue reading
When news of the world doesn't make much sense any more
They say that the grass is always greener on the other side. Or at least that's how it often looks to us while usually being so only in our delusional minds. However, looking at the news lately, while there definitely have been times with even weirder news cycles, what's happening these days is becoming more and more p... continue reading
Is Jared Kushner dangerously inadequate or simply lying?
With Trump family you can never know. Lying, or presenting alternative facts as they like to say, is a family thing, Trump family thing. But when those same people also seem to be totally inadequate when doing the simplest of tasks, that should get people worried. After all, these people are currently in charge or the ... continue reading
Republican Senators have no idea why the health care repeal bill is good
VOX reporter Jeff Stein asked 9 Republican senators some easy questions. For instance what problems would the Graham-Cassidy proposal solve in the health care system? And also, what's the policy explanation for the Graham-Cassidy bill?

The nine senators questioned were Pat Roberts, Jim Inhofe, Ted Cruz, John Kennedy... continue reading
Last chance to get your cut of the $35 million up for grabs
The internet is full of different offers of different sorts. And so are the online gaming hubs. But Party Poker's Powerfest with $35 million guaranteed prize pool is pretty noticeable compared to a lot of other offers our there. Powerfest lasts until September 24, and until that time is up, you can have a chance to win... continue reading
Weird products of Trump, all on one page
Trump has been bragging a lot about how rich and successful he is, besides the fact that he's always branded himself as a being a self-made man although most of us could be self-made men and women if we were given millions to get started with. But let's forget the latter for a moment. What are the businesses Trump has ... continue reading
What does a perfect woman look like?
Around a year ago, a plastic surgeon Dr Julian De Silva identified the world's most wanted female face, according to women, that is. The guy took the top requests of 1000 female patients and based on a data, created a photo.

So what does a perfect woman look according to women? Based on the requests he's had over ... continue reading
Donald Trump Jr. to give up Secret Service protection? Please don't
According to New York Times and Washington Post, Donald Trump Jr. wants to give up Secret Service protection due to lack of privacy.

Catherine Milhoan, Secret Service spokeswoman, when asked about it, said that "To ensure the safety and security of our protectees and their families, we will not confirm who is curre... continue reading
Bernie Sanders to introduce universal health care, Medicare for All
Bernie Sanders will be introducing legislation today that would expand Medicare into a universal health insurance program. While the legislation doesn't stand a chance of actually passing, it does have the backing of at least 15 Democratic senators.

"Right now, if we want to move away from a dysfunctional, wasteful,... continue reading
Big things start with a small idea
Whether you're currently working for yourself, are employed by some company, or are still looking for your perfect employer, I bet that in the back of your head you're always thinking of a great business idea, something that, if realized, would set you up to life, as well. Most likely you don't care whether the idea is... continue reading
Officers fingering an "innocent" suspect did no crime
If it was you, not police officers, and you'd drag a woman out of the car, pushed her partially underneath her own car, yanked her pants down, and for the next 11 minutes probed her vagina with your fingers, ignoring her protests, you'd be convicted of assault, sexual assault, among other things. The police officers wh... continue reading
Cheers! Beer helps to avoid dementia in your old age
We recently published a story about how beer, or regular alcohol intake, can be good in terms of lowering your risk of developing diabetes. Now there's yet another study, one that was done by University of California, San Diego, that claims that moderate to heavy alcohol drinkers are more likely to reach the age of 85 ... continue reading
Nude dating show on Britain's Channel 4, what's that about?
At first thought, it makes me think of an offline version of Tinder. Or rather just a TV version of it. Imagine if Tinder wasn't an app but a TV show...hmm, no, actually now to think about it, if Tinder was a TV show, it would start pretty innocently, you'd just be swiping, or beating the men or women walking towards y... continue reading
Trump admits to collusion attempt without knowing it
Trump said on Wednesday that had he know Attorney General Jeff Sessions would recuse himself from overseeing the investigation into his connection with Russia, he would have never appointed him. But by saying that, wasn't he actually saying that he appointed the man in hopes that he would end the investigation without ... continue reading
Trump happy to leave American voters without healthcare
The last-ditch attempt to repeal Obamacare without a replacement failed yesterday. Trump is now saying he will just let Obamacare fail. He said that "We'll let Obamacare fail, and then the Democrats are going to come to us."

He also said that "We're not going to own it. I'm not going to own it. I can tell you the Re... continue reading
A young woman in Saudi Arabia got the world talking
And that's a good thing.

A video of a woman walking in skirt in Saudi Arabia outraged the men in the country, most of whom are now asking for the woman to be arrested.

While the couple of seconds long video might have become 'famous' because of the local outrage, after all, the local girl was walking on a stree... continue reading
Unbolted – the alternative to traditional pawnbrokers
It would seem that the pawnbroker industry is getting a reasonable amount of coverage at the moment. A recent television series takes a look at Posh Pawn and some of the characters that frequent these businesses in various parts of the country. There is also a lot of negative press coverage surrounding payday loans and... continue reading
The day I met George Bush
The other day I was sitting in the same room with George W. Bush. It
wasn't a fancy restaurant or anything; even the prices were below the
average. The tables were covered with sexy red table-cloth and lots of
oysters were on them, not to mention loads of Tequila and 4 definitely
natural blonds with definitely real... continue reading
Planet Earth: planes fly without pilots and researchers find out *unthinkable* things
I’ve always thought that planet Earth is a very insane place to live
on. Up until now I just said it, but then I started thinking… which is
not very common for me, I know. I was going through the news today and
it really hit me – there’s nonsense around us EVERYWHERE. Well, I knew
that, but still, why? Who needs it... continue reading

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