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Great Mad TV sketches of Steven Segal before he became a Russian citizen

 article about Great Mad TV sketches of Steven Segal before he became a Russian citizen
Steven Segal was given Russian citizenship last year by Vladimir Putin, in 2016. He has been a huge supporter of Putin for a while now. He has called him "one of the greatest world leaders if not the greatest world leader alive today." While these days, you might actually be able to say he's a among the smartest world leaders, he's far off being the greatest. But all of this could be good material for today's stand up comedians and comedy show producers.

Years back, 1995 to 2009, Mad TV made some fabulous clips about Steven Segal, some of which you can see below.

Steven Segal's Crouching Cops Hidden Badges

Stevan Segal Kung Fu

Steven Segal's America

Steven Segal with Jay Leno

I think now it would be a great time to come up with new Steven Segal's Russia sketches.

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