At first thought, it makes me think of an offline version of Tinder. Or rather just a TV version of it. Imagine if Tinder wasn't an app but a TV show...hmm, no, actually now to think about it, if Tinder was a TV show, it would start pretty innocently, you'd just be swiping, or beating the men or women walking towards you to the left or to the right. And by the end of the show there would probably be some hardcore action going on. So, no, Channel 4's Naked Attraction is far from what Tinder TV show would be like, it's different. Never mind. But what is it?

It's a controversial show that debuted around a year ago, July 2016, it's a dating show where all people are naked. Naked people are looking for a perfect match by looking at the candidates bums and other body parts. Well, kind of. Or maybe exactly. One man or woman can select one date out of six bums he or she is seeing. The naked people are in cubicles with the door slowly raising up. So initially just legs can be seen, then the door is slowly raised up to a point where everything but a face can be seen, and then everything.

The weird part though, is that once the match has been found, the date they are going to is a clothed one. Doesn't really make much sense, does it?

When the show initially launched last year, they received 45 complaints. Can't really understand why, as the first episode only had 282 shots of penises and 96 shots of vaginas. Although, I'm not sure what the complaints were about, maybe they were simply about discrimination of women - why would penises get more airtime?