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Those Stupid Assumptions about ALIENS

 article about questions about aliens
Are we alone? Or are there aliens out there in other universes, other galaxies? It's difficult to say anything for sure, but considering there are allegedly 2 trillion galaxies, the odds might not be so low. There might easily be dozens, thousands, or why not even hundreds of millions inhabited planets. Although, actually finding and then reaching them might take us millions of years based on our current technology.

But then there are the stories by people who have allegedly been abducted by aliens. While it's difficult to prove their stories are not true, or that their stories are true, I do have some questions about them.

Why are aliens always naked?

 article about questions about aliens

While I admit it's not like a 100% thing, there have been other types of alleged encounters as well, but why are most of the aliens in the encounters naked? I mean, obviously it would make sense if they didn't spend so many resources on creating useless fashion trends each and every year like we do, but coming to a new planet and everything, planet where weather even in inhabited places can range from -50C to 50C, wouldn't you think they'd be intelligent enough to be prepared for that? I really don't know about the genitals of the alleged beings, but I'd assume they do get hot or cold. So some kind of clothing would be more sense than traveling the space exposed like that? Fucking exhibitionists!

What makes you think they can breathe air?

Another thing that doesn't make much sense to me is that the aliens in the alleged encounters all seem to be okay with breathing air, just like us. They have oxygen even on their ships - the aliens are still bare-assed with no masks and same goes to the abductee. According to the stories, that is. But if you're coming from far away, if would make sense that you look sort of different from us (although based on the encounters, they seem to mostly look like simple reverse coneheads or something), because your planet might be different, and why couldn't they actually need to breathe nitrogen dioxide or sarin gas or whatever else, for the sake of argument.

I'm just asking. Of course, there's also another option - maybe, just maybe they don't need to breathe at all. Maybe they are sort of like zombies. And if that's the case, it would at least make sense.

Why do UFOs always have the lights on?

 article about questions about aliens

Most of the UFO sightings include some very bright lights. If you're coming from a far-far-away galaxy, have really advanced technology, how come you still haven't invented night vision glasses? Even earthlings have them. You travel long distances, for some reason you don't want to make contact with the beings on the planet, but you turn on the brightest lights on your ship not to get noticed? If you're following someone with a car, and didn't want to be noticed, even you would probably turn off the headlights, right? And you're not even too smart - I know. You're reading this article.

We can all agree that UFOs do exist with 100% certainty - after all UFO means Unidentified Flying Object - and the more ignorant we are, the more UFOs we see. But that's not proof of aliens. Then again, I'm not saying that aliens do not exist either. It's difficult to say that. I'm stupid too, you know. But naked aliens who always come to spy on us after turning their brightest lights on? Pleeeeeeaaaase!

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