The Finnish people have always been a weird crowd.

When it's +15C (it's as warm as it gets in Finland, so let's start from here)
Spanish wear winter clothes and gloves. Finnish are sunbathing.

When it's +10C
French are trying to get their central heating to work. Finnish are planting seeds in their gardens.

When it's +5C
The cars of Italians don't start anymore. Finnish are driving convertibles.

When it's 0C
Distilled water freezes. In Finland the water of Vantaa river gets slightly thicker.

When it's -5C
In California people are starting to freeze to death. In Finland people are having the season's last BBQ.

When it's -10C
British start to heat their houses. Finnish start to wear clothes with long sleeves.

When it's -20C
There's confusion around the globe. Finns are finishing up their midsummer festivities. The autumn has arrived.

When it's -30C
The Greek have all died of cold and are no more on this earth. Finns start to dry their laundry indoors.

When it's -40C
The destruction of Paris is on the way. Finns are standing on the line to buy hot dogs and then heat up their sauna.

When it's -50C
Polar bears escape the North Pole. Finnish army postpones winter survival camp. Winter weather is expected.

When it's -60C
Korvatunturi (Santa's house) freezes. Finnish rent a movie and stay at home.

When it's -70C
The fake Santa moves to south. Finns are annoyed that they can't keep Koskenkorva vodka outside anymore. Finnish army feels it's time to start the winter survival camp.

When it's -183C
Microorganisms in foods die. Finnish cows are complaining that the milkmaid's hands are too cold.

When it's -273C
The absolute zero, the lowest temperature possible. Any atomic movement ends. Finns are shouting: "Perkele, it's cold today!"

When it's -300C
Hell freezes over. Finns win the Eurovision song contest again.