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Britain marches for second referendum

 article about britons deman second brexit referendum
Up to 700 000 protesters marched to London's Parliament Square on Saturday, demanding a new referendum on Brexit and/or to have a say on the final Brexit deal with the EU. While the police was not able to estimate the size of the crowd, it's likely it was up to 700 000.

The organizers of the protest sad that the new vote is needed due to new facts that have come to light related to Brexit. Facts such as the actual cost of Brexit to Britain as well as the complexity of Brexit.

The march was joined by mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who said that what took place was a march for the future of young Britons and that "What's clear is that the only options on the table now from the prime minister are a bad Brexit deal, or no deal whatsoever. That's a million miles away from what was promised 2 1/2 years ago."

Mayor Khan wasn't the only name to support the march, there were also a number of MPs backing a fresh vote.

Although Theresa May has ruled out another public vote, the protesters are still demanding one.

The scheduled Brexit day is March 29, 2019.

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