Senator Bernie Sanders released a decade worth of tax returns on Monday, something he has always promised to do. Unlike the current president, 45, also known as the eight-year-old-bully, he has done what he has promised to do.

His tax returns show that he's done very well for himself since the last presidential run. His and his wife's bottom line has jumped from $240,622 in 2015 to $1,073,333 in 2018. Most of his new earnings have come from being a bestselling author.

Bernie says that the tax returns "show that our family has been very fortunate."

Although he's now in the category of super-rich (although, compared to super-rich, he has peanuts), he said that "I will continue to fight to make our tax system more progressive so that our country has the resources to guarantee the American Dream to all people."

When it comes to Trump's tax returns, then his attorneys have just warned Trump's accounting firm not to release Trump's tax returns or else.