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Coca-Cola is looking into weed

 article about Coca-Cola is looking into weed
According to a statement from the company, Coca-Cola is considering using the non-psychoactive CBD in some of their beverages.

Coca-Cola spokesman Kent Landers said that while no decisions have yet been made, they are looking into adding the compound in their functional wellness beverages. They are allegedly in talks with a Canadian marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis - since Canada has just legalized marijuana while in the US it's still so and so.

"Entry into a legalized Canadian market allows them to develop and build a brand while not breaking any laws," said Bruce Campbell (a weed investor).

The idea to use CBD isn't too weird though, considering it's not psychoactive unlike THC that causes a high. CBD might instead have anti-nausea, anti-seizure, anti-inflammatory effects. So basically they say that CBD is giving you the benefits of cannabis without the high. If that's actually true, that's anybody's guess.

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