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Living on flat earth? So where's the edge?

 article about Living on flat earth? So wheres the edge?
Although it's now year 2018 not year 200, there are still enough people who think that round earth is just a conspiracy theory and that the earth is actually flat. Among them are also some more known people who maybe couldn't be called celebrities, but whose name might be somewhat familiar to at least some. People such as Kyrie Irving from Cleveland Cavaliers’ basketball team, rapper B.o.B, American television personality Tila Tequila, former England international cricketer Freddie Flintoff, wrestler AJ Styles, and musician Daniel Shenton.

But if, for one moment, we choose to believe that the earth is, indeed flat, my mind goes wondering and starts looking for the answer to the main question which is, If the earth is flat, then where's the edge?

According to flat earthers the earth looks sort of like a disk and Antarctica is sort of a wall around the edge. The disk shaped earth is surrounded by ice wall that holds back the oceans. And according to flat earthers nobody has managed to get too far past the ice wall, and get to tell their tale.

So why hasn't any flat earther actually tried to document his or her trip to the edge? Some say NASA guards would be there to stop you long before you actually manage to reach the edge.

Some also say that on the edge it would be so cold and there wouldn't be enough air to breath. Then again, if that's correct, how difficult it would be to send out drones, balloons, satellites or anything else to document to edge?

Of course, there's also another theory, to avoid the talk of an edge, some flat earthers claim that there's an infinite earth that carries on in all directions. So a round earth is an impossibility but infinite disk is not? There you go.

Can you prove the earth is flat once and for all?

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