On Monday Fox News aired a town hall with Bernie Sanders. The event, that wasn't really meant to be in favor of Bernie, at least from where Fox News was sitting, ended up giving Bernie some good publicity. And although it wasn't a competition between Bernie Sanders and Fox News anchors, Bernie still somehow managed to win.

Among other things, Bernie didn't keep quiet about the reality of Trump either. He said that "Whether you're a conservative, a moderate, or a progressive, I don't think the American people are proud that we have a president who is a pathological liar. And it does not give me pleasure to say that." When talking about the lying bit, he said that "Trump cannot even tell the truth as to where his father was born. It's really that crazy. His father was born in New York; he claims he was born in Germany. If you can't even tell the truth about where your father was born, it's hard to believe anything he says."

Just in time for the town hall Bernie Sanders released his 10-year tax returns, something he has always said he would do. And he did.

Bernie Sanders in Fox News sounds like a weird idea to begin with, but his reasoning for that was simple - "Your network doesn't have a lot of respect in my world, but I thought it was important."

Obviously, Donald Trump wasn't and isn't too happy about the fact that Bernie Sanders was given airtime on Fox News in the first place. After all - in his mind it's supposed to be his network with his shows and his friends, and everyone bowing to him. In his kind Fox News is the channel that's supposed to praise him.

"Many Trump Fans & Signs were outside of the @FoxNews Studio last night in the now thriving (Thank you President Trump) Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, for the interview with Crazy Bernie Sanders. Big complaints about not being let in-stuffed with Bernie supporters. What's with @FoxNews?" he tweeted. Not many people would thank him- or herself all the time (Thank you President Trump), one needs a massive ego for that. People who actually deserve respect don't require that much praise. Well, nobody does. Except for the eight-year-old-bully.

"I believe it will be Crazy Bernie Sanders vs. Sleepy Joe Biden as the two finalists to run against maybe the best Economy in the history of our Country (and MANY other great things)! I look forward to facing whoever it may be. May God Rest Their Soul!" he tweeted. Talking about praising oneself...

Stay tuned for another episode of "Thank you President Trump".