After withdrawing from the multinational deal with Iran, Trump said that Iran is "treating us with much more respect right now, than they did in the past." With all his years in business, has Trump only learned one thing? That intimidation and fear might work? Hasn't he lever learned, maybe from his father, although probably not, that respect has to be earned? And Trump hasn't earned anyone's respect - be it his wife, the republicans, his voters, or anyone able to think straight.

"I know they're having a lot of problems and their economy is collapsing, but I will tell you this - at a certain point they're going to call me and they're going to say let's make a deal. And we'll make a deal. But they're feeling a lot of pain right now," Trump said. Keep in mind, that's what he said AFTER cancelling the deal with Iran, a deal that had ALREADY been made. Of course, not by the eight-year-old bully but by a president who you might have or might have not liked. But a president.

Trump pulled out of the deal in May, saying that all other countries must halt all imports of Iranian oil from Nov. 4 or face his fury, with no exemptions.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has said that "Iran's regime wants to start trouble wherever it can. It's our responsibility to stop it." Okay, but what about the United States? Trump's United States? The eight-year-old wants to start trouble wherever he can, and is doing it. Whose responsibility it is to stop that?

Well, the eight-year-old kid aside, what do the reimposed sanctions mean to Iran and companies involved with the country? The Iranian government won't be able to acquire US banknotes or trade in gold and precious metals. They won't be able to sell or transfer graphite and metals. These are just a few things. As we all know by now, Trump is also fond of all kinds of tariffs, so new tariffs will be placed on Iran's automotive sector. And he also prohibits Iran from buying US passenger aircraft. Additionally, Iran's oil and energy sector as well as shipbuilding industry will be affected.

Trump's goal is to cripple the country's economy. And when before has something like that backfired, right?