Facebook is allegedly improving their system to detect fake news, to detect...pretty much everything that should or shouldn't be shared in there. But based on the last two days when I've tried to promote a few of my articles through Facebook Ads - just to say, none of which is related to gambling or financial products or fake news - and after being in the review cue for 12 - 24 hours, two of them have come back as Not Approved. Now, it's okay if there's a legitimate reason for that. However, in case of these two things are really, really stupid.

Financial Advice for Dummies

One of the articles is Financial Advice for Dummies. Their reason for not approving the ad?

"This ad isn't running because it asks a direct question to, or makes an assumption about a user's personal attributes (ex: "Don't let a cold get you down" or "Are you a cancer survivor?"). This type of language can feel like an invasion of a person's privacy, which is something we strive to protect."

That's the moment when the political correctness is taken too far. Simply stupid.

How we waste our resources for nothing

The second article is even more innocent and could rather be considered a green cry. Yet, either some non-working Facebook algorithm or sleeping-while-working Facebook employee thinks the article is related to cryptocurrencies and other financial products. Here's the article about the wasteful world.

"This ad isn't running because it promotes financial products and services, such as binary options and initial coin offerings that are frequently associated with misleading or deceptive promotional practices. Have a look at our Prohibited Financial Products and Services policy for more details."

I have had a few similar situations in the past as well - have requested a review number of times, but never got an answer - although I requested couple of reviews already a year ago.