While there have lately been a number of articles promoting less sleep, power naps, and everything related, The World Health Organization and the recent study suggests that while your heroes might be doing it - be Donald Trump, Elon Musk or Lady Gaga - sleep is important and you should sleep at least seven hours a day to lower risk of heart disease, Alzheimer's, diabetes, and also early death.

According to a new New York University study, power napping and four-hour sleep schedules are potentially a public health threat. Power naps during the day for fifteen minutes are of course good, but only if they are an addition to a good night sleep.

The authors of the study also mention that neither a night cap nor snoring are good for your health.

Study leader Dr Rebecca Robbins said that "Sleep is a vital part of life that affects our productivity, mood and general health and well-being. Dispelling myths about sleep promotes healthier sleep habits which, in turn, promote overall better health." She also said that "There's such a link between good sleep and our waking success," and that "We have extensive evidence to show that sleeping five hours a night or less, consistently, increases your risk greatly for adverse health consequences, including cardiovascular disease and early mortality."

Sleep tight!