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How we waste our resources for nothing

 article about How we waste our resources for nothing
If you start thinking about it, a lot of what we do, in our spare time or as our work, doesn't really produce any real value to the world. Just compare let's say plumbers, electricians and vegetarians to a guy or a gal who's doing psychic readings. Okay, it's a very bad example, but you get the point. Probably if you think about 30 people you know, there's a lot of them who are doing something totally useless when it comes to producing value to the world. I'm not saying it's bad, it's just an observation, and I don't consider my job to be anywhere near useful, nor harmful, either.

But personal occupations aside, there are many ways how we as earthlings are simply wasting our planet's resources. Just think about it. Can you think of some things yourself maybe?

Beauty and vanity

Do we really need the rings, the jewellery, the extensive amount of beauty products that are being manufactured and used every day? Even if you say make-up is needed (which, it is actually not), you don't need any kind of jewellery, neither do you need the golden Rolex's and everything related - they are meant just for vanity, just to show off. In my opinion this is all the worst kind of waste of our natural resources.


Yes, we all do need clothes. But the amount of clothes being produced, the fashion business - do we need the new clothing lines every year just to be fashionable? No. There's no sense it throwing our stuff away because they are out of fashion. And we all have three, five, ten times more clothes and shoes than we would actually need. And manufacturing all of them takes a lot of different resources. There are two problems here - firstly, overproduction, and secondly overbuying. I wanted to say over-usage, but no, it's not that. It's overbuying.

Straws and grocery bags

These are things you have all heard and read about already. Just in the United States alone 500 million straws are being used every single day. This number sounds huge, are people eating them or something? That's the amount of straws that could fill over 125 school buses. Every single day. And when it comes to plastic bags, we estimatedly use up to 1 trillion plastic bags a year. Do we really need it all? Straws? No, 99.99% of them are not needed. Plastic bags, probably at least 90% of them aren't needed either.

Plastic bottles

Yes, Coca Cola and Nestle, talking to you now. Besides the fact that roughly around a million plastic bottles are used every minute, Coca Cola products aren't even anywhere close to being healthy...Nestle...the same. We don't need the plastic bottles, not for water not for Coca Cola.

By the end of the day, all of us waste so much of the resources that it's actually rather frightening just to think about it. Sadly enough, in theory it would be easy to change something, but nobody does. Changes should start from all sides simultaneously. We as individuals should start using less stuff. Buying less stuff. At the same time the big companies should start producing less stuff. And we'd be well on our way to ... no, I'm not even talking about environment here - I'm talking about totally useless waste of resources. Does producing and consuming less also help the environment? Without a doubt. But mainly it's just common sense. Use less. We don't need the stuff, we really don't.

Of course, I'm aware that it sounds like an utopia, easier said than done. A company is there to make money, and it's rather impossible to make them not to do it, or to make less. At the same time, it might be possible if their products wouldn't be used anymore. So it would be possible to do, one person at a time, but this version sounds extremely time consuming and by the end of the day might not have the wanted effect.

Possibly the only possible way for anything to improve is education, education that in addition to being good in general, and teaching us to be environmentally friendly, would also teach people not to be vane, not to be greedy. Then again, this also sounds sort of an utopia.

But one can dream, right?

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