And there's a lie in this title. He doesn't lie in all of his tweets, maybe just half of them. Although sometimes he does lie multiple times in one tweet. For example, yesterday between 9:04 am and 9:37 am he managed to tweet five times (probably while watching Fox & Friends). What is he tweeting about? Well, if you've ever read his tweets before, it's sort of same old, same old - crooked Hillary, unfair Mueller, fake news media (let's be honest, media that tells truth about him). Obviously, from time to time there are other topics as well, but that's these are the topics close to his plastic heart. Ah yes, and of course, he also tries to convey the message that he's the greatest human being ever to have lived with the best words and best bought wife.

Okay. Back to yesterday's tweets.

Things are really getting ridiculous. The Failing and Crooked (but not as Crooked as Hillary Clinton) @nytimes has done a long & boring story indicating that the World's most expensive Witch Hunt has found nothing on Russia & me so now they are looking at the rest of the World!

Dear Mr. Trump, the investigation is ongoing, and releasing too much data before it's been completed would be ridiculous. Haven't you ever seen any law series? We know you watch a lot of TV, so why don't you learn from them? And the world's most expensive witch hunt...well, wouldn't that be the real witch hunt a couple of centuries back when lots of human lives were lost? Just a thought. Maybe I'm off the mark here though. You never know.

....At what point does this soon to be $20,000,000 Witch Hunt, composed of 13 Angry and Heavily Conflicted Democrats and two people who have worked for Obama for 8 years, STOP! They have found no Collussion with Russia, No Obstruction, but they aren't looking at the corruption...

Before we think about the contents of the tweet, can you please, as the President of the United States, turn on the spell checker? And can you please not share numbers that you just dreamt about? Please? Pretty please? Mueller's team does not have 13 members but 16 and they are not all Democrats. And the $20 million you mentioned...Mr. Trump, everything you see in your dreams in not true. We agree that it's a beautiful number but still.

...In the Hillary Clinton Campaign where she deleted 33,000 Emails, got $145,000,000 while Secretary of State, paid McCabes wife $700,000 (and got off the FBI hook along with Terry M) and so much more. Republicans and real Americans should start getting tough on this Scam.

Whether I like Hillary Clinton or not, which in all honesty, I don't, doesn't really matter. But the emails, while the fact of deleting them is true, they were mostly of personal nature. Secondly the number $145 million which the Clinton Foundation received happened before even the idea of Clinton serving as secretary of State. And buying Uranium One with that money was okayed by NINE agencies. When it comes to $700k, there's no evidence whatsoever that Clinton was involved with that donation. Evidence, isn't that what you're usually accusing Mueller's team of not having? You have no evidence to back up (almost) ANY of your claims.

Now that the Witch Hunt has given up on Russia and is looking at the rest of the World, they should easily be able to take it into the Mid-Term Elections where they can put some hurt on the Republican Party. Don't worry about Dems FISA Abuse, missing Emails or Fraudulent Dossier!

The Hunt for Trump has not ended, where did you get that idea? Dreaming again? Imaginary friends told you?

What ever happened to the Server, at the center of so much Corruption, that the Democratic National Committee REFUSED to hand over to the hard charging (except in the case of Democrats) FBI? They broke into homes & offices early in the morning, but were afraid to take the Server?

It's true that the FBI confirmed that the DNC did reject their requests to turn over the email server. But as for breaking into the homes...the searches were conducted based on search warrants, based on probable cause.

I'm aware that somewhere along the lines I started writing as if Trump was here. He's not. It's just my brain which sees imaginary people and things everywhere. I guess that's one thing I have in common with Trump.