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World Peace, Myth or Reality ?
Is world peace achievable in this day and age?

Man has been around for about 4-5 million years. As far as we can tell, we have always been violent and agressive. Five million years ago we had to be in order to survive. We were competing with other species for vital resources. That characteristic still survives today... continue reading
Election 2008: history in the making
[extract1]This election in the United States of America is the most historic in our brief history. No matter who wins the election, history will be made. We will have our first African American President or our first female Vice President. We have never had this in our history. These are just the main stories. If Senat... continue reading
Russia to Become Major World Players?
What is the affect of the current political campaign on the relationship with Russia? Where do our candidates stand? Does it really matter who is elected President in United States? These are questions which I hope I can answer or give you a better understanding of. Or maybe let you see it in a different light.

We c... continue reading
Winners and Losers
America is very sports oriented and we see it this way. Some think that winning is the only thing and we must crush the opposition to be successful. I see it differently. Winning is waking up, having a good day and doing what you are supposed to do to get through the day. Our leaders see it the other way. They see wi... continue reading
Politics and Religion
Should politics and religion mix in the world of today? We must take a serious look at recent events and what is happening in the world today. Underway around the world is a battle going on about two great religions, Islam and Christianity. It is being presented as a war of differing beliefs, but in reality, it is no... continue reading
Thoughts on 2004 election.
It is November 3, 2004 and the United States election was held last night and we still do not have a clear winner. The country is still waiting for the results from at least 2 states, Ohio and Iowa. The election 2004 should go down in history as one of the closest. Mr. Bush seems to have the upper hand and should win ... continue reading
Final Report Card on the election of 2004
President Bush and the Republican National Committee have run many ads against Mr. Kerrys war record and against his testimony in Congress over 30 years ago. These ads supposedly tell about the Senator's character. Did we all not do things as a young man or woman that we would change if we could? These particular ads h... continue reading
Mudsling Report card
It is time for an update to Mudsling 2004. As the Presidential campaigns near the end of the road, it is time for a report card. The campaigns have been filled with rhetoric of 35 years ago and not much about the present. Both Mr. Bush and Mr. Kerry have run campaign ads accusing the other of misconduct 30 years ago. T... continue reading
Constitutional Amendment
            Ben Franklin,Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison must be turning over in their graves with the recent Congressional debate over a proposed Constitutional Amendment banning gay marriage.           The cu... continue reading
This Week in Politics
Let us take a look at world political happenings this week.Britain - Prime Minister Tony Blair said that weapons of mass destruction (WMD) may never be found in Iraq. Mr. Blair made these remarks during his questioning by the senior MP's of the House of Commons in their recent inquiry for going to war in Iraq. Mr. Blai... continue reading
This Week in Politics
Let's take a look at the political happenings around the world.Saudi Arabia -  al-Qaida militants beheaded an American hostage this week. This is the second American to die this way while being held. Militants holding a American contractor beheaded him and posted pictures on an Arab website. The Uni... continue reading
This Week in Politics
World - G8 summit extends debt relief at the end of their meeting this week in the United States. The G8 leaders voted to extend debt relief to the poorer countries of the world. The G8 countries are made up of the wealthiest countries in the world.United States - Ronald Reagan, the 40th President of the United States,... continue reading
This Week in Politics
Iraq - Iraq's governing council has been replaced by an interim government set to take power on June 30th. The new government through foreign minister, Hosyar Zebari, has demanded full sovereignty.  Mr. Zebari at the United Nations has demanded that any resolution for Iraq must include full sovereignty.Sierra Leon... continue reading
Rumsfeld, Stay or Go?
60 Minutes recently broadcast photographs of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners. Should Mr. Rumsfeld resign for these abuses?America is one of the few countries who are supposed to abide by the Geneva Convention when it comes to prisoners of war. The recent photographs and videos seem to indicate that the United... continue reading
This Week in Politics
Welcome to another week in politics.United States - Security Officals warn that an al-Quaeda attack on U.S. soil has a high probability over the summer months. High on the list for an attack is the World War II memorial being dedicated. Security is said to be very high for the dedication.Sudan - Africa's longest runnin... continue reading
Unemployment: One Family's Story
 Let's start at the beginning: on September 11, 2001, I was driving to a clients job site to deliver a product for his job...Now, I remember those horrible stories of planes crashing into the World Trade Center and elsewhere. I remember feeling sick about all those people just like me. They were going to work, li... continue reading
This Week in Politics
India:  The 3rd phase of the Indian elections were held recently in the southern part of the country. The 4th and final phase will be held May 10th.Nigeria: The opposition leader, Buba Galaima, was recently arrested for a possible security breach. Many high ranking military officers were also arrested.  ... continue reading
June or not in Iraq?
Violence has escalated in Iraq in recent weeks as the deadline for handover of power approaches. Is Iraq ready to take control of their country? Esssential services have not been totally restored and the police force has not been trained. I think the answer to that question is obvious. Mr. Bush has decided that no matt... continue reading
Iraq from the Ground
This group of soldiers was assigned to the called "Sunni Triangle," mostly west of Bagdad near Falluja and Al Ramadi. If you have been watching the news on television, you might recogonize this area.If I had to sum up in one word their expeience, it would be "boring." This is not to say that it was not dangerous. These... continue reading
This week in Politics
South Africa -  Elections results are in and to no great surprise, The African National Congress won 70% of the seats and will continue to rule.  Meanwhile, under their recent rule, crime has risen, AIDS has risen, and they have lost jobs, so let's re-elected them.Malaysia - The world's third bigges... continue reading
This Week in Politics
Iraq - The Governing Council gives a warning to the United States regarding the siege of Falluja. The council went so far as to say that this was "genocide."Algeria- An election was held and President Boutefika won with 83% of the vote. Most opposition candidates question the validatety of the vote, contending the elec... continue reading
Vice President, A history
In our history we have had forty-six Vice Presidents. Two have resigned, seven died in office, and nine ascended to office following a death or resignation of the President. Thirteen have become Presidents through election or by ascending to office.In the beginning, the Vice President was the loser of the election. The... continue reading
Hidalgo - a review
"Hildago"is the story of a man, his horse and the American spirit. The
movie is set in the middle east and is about a 3000 mile race for money
and the rights of a bloodline to fabled Arabic horses, but Hildago is
really about an American and how he finds his American Indian heritage.
It's a feelgood movie that tell... continue reading
This Week in Politics
In Taiwan this week, an election was held and the parliament did not like the results, so fighting broke out in the legislature. The sitting president was re-elected by less than 1% and the opposition party decided that the election was too close and protest and clashes with riot police broke out. The opposing party wi... continue reading
This week in Politics
Mr. Kerry was heard telling someone that many foreign leaders are hoping he defeats Mr. Bush in November. Mr. Bushs'  camp were quick to point out that  Mr. Kerry should  name names,which he says he will not do. Mr. Bush has come out and said that Mr. Kerry was not telling the truth.  Th... continue reading
Haiti Failed American Policy
In the beginning of the Clinton administration, we sent 20,000 American troops to Haiti to put back into power the elected President. Less than twelve years later, we returned to send the elected President into exile. We have had our own election and have elected another man to sit in the Oval Office. ... continue reading
European Union Exapnsion set for 2004.
Before we answer that question, we need to look at the European Union (EU) and its history. The dream of a united Europe was first devloped in 1950 by a French economist by the name of Jean Monnet. His goal was to stop war in Europe by integrating first the economies of each country and then their poli... continue reading
Vanity in America
What is "beauty?" If we look back through our history and culture, we
see different views of what beauty is. If you are in the jungles of
South America, whoever has the biggest hoop in their ear is considered
beautiful. Take a look at the paintings in museums, and we see many
wide-hipped, overweight women in the pa... continue reading
Mud-slinging or Issues?
In the first election of the United States in the 21st century, we have started off like we ended the last century: This political season has already started with the negative ads. The election for the most powerful office in the world has now begun in earnest. Mr. Kerry, although not nominated yet by his part... continue reading
Supreme Court of the United States
A case is going before the Court involving Vice President Dick Cheney.  Two senators wrote Judge Renquist asking that Judge Scalia recluse himself from the case because of his recent hunting trip with Mr. Cheney. The Chief Justice sent a written reply back to the senators telling them, in so man... continue reading
Is Democracy dead in America?
The Greeks were the first citizens to have a democratic form of government in the world. The idea of democracy was "one person- one vote." The Greeks would say that a version of democracy was alive and well in the world, but they would roll over in their graves at the notion of our pres... continue reading
Mel Gibson's The Passion of The Christ
The film starts in the Garden with Jesus praying to his Father
asking for the courage and will to do what must be done. He also prays
for it not to happen. We also see him being observed by a person. He
then crushes a snake under his sandal and makes his choice. This first
scene represents a basic theme in... continue reading
Update on Patriot Act
The Patriot Act should not be renewed. It gives the Attorney General and President Bush unlimited power to conduct investigations on anyone they determine to be a threat to national security. The US government can seize your bank records and scrutinize your purchases at the local Wal-Mart. They can also eavesdrop ... continue reading
The Boys of Summer are back
Will the Chicago Cubs finally win a championship? Will the Boston Redsox finally rid themselves of the curse of the "Bambino"?All
of these questions will be answered in October of this year. The main
issues facing major league baseball are numerous and varied. Are the
major leagues too big and should there be retrac... continue reading
Mr.Bush's last 4 years
Now it is time to see what has happened over the last 4 years to see if we are better off. Mr Bush came to the White House with many promises, but did he deliver? He did give us  tax cuts which made all Americans happier. He did fulfill that campaign promise. Then in September of 2001, America was hit w... continue reading
The "New war" : terrorism
Terrorism is not a new concept. If we really look at this concept, it has been around since the first wars were fought.It is a simple strategy. If your are faced with a superior force, you try to disrupt their supplies and break their will. Let us go back to the Roman times in Palestine. They were called zeal... continue reading
USA: Election 2004
It would seem that the choices are going to be Kerry vs Bush in November of 2004 in the American election. Mr. Bush is the sitting President and Mr. Kerry is to be the challenger. Mr. Kerry has not won his parties nomination yet, but has not is the favorite to opppose Mr. Bush in November. Let us look at these t... continue reading
United States to Mars by 2010
The enormity of this project brings back memories of President Kennedy's announcement that man could be on the moon by the end of the 60s. Mr. Kennedy threw down the challenge to the American scientist's and we did reach our goal.   Now, President Bush's plan is just as ambitious and could be attained if Am... continue reading
USA: Patriot Act, Renew or Not?
We must first look at the act to see if this piece of legislation should be renewed. The Congress and the President seem to be split on this issue. The President and the Attorney General vow that they will not let a "watered down " version of this law be passed. Congress is looking at changing the act to take away... continue reading
South African elections to held April 14
Elections to be held on April 14th of this year. This is the third election since apartheid died 10 years ago. The past elections have been dominated by the African National Congress (ANC). The party was led by Nelson Mandela, who spent two decades in prison prior to fall of apartheid. The congress in South Afri... continue reading
Russian Migs found in Iraqi Desert
In a recent devlopment in Iraq, the Russian fighters were found buried in the desert. Two things can be surmised by the recent find. The first is why the Russians did not want us to go to war. They were selling technology to Sadam Hussein after 9-11 as were the French. The second thing is this shows how hard it is to f... continue reading
The Aussie band
Imagine a rock band with bagpipes, didgeridoos, guitars and pulsating drums. Now throw in a little cello and some rap. I bet you are cringing, imagining how terrible this musical mish-mash must sound, right? Well, trust me, this is not the case. This hybrid of music influences comes courtesy of Brother, a trio of Austr... continue reading
USA: New Draft Law
This law is different in that it requires all persons to serve, both men and women.   Women have served the United States throughout our history, but have not served in combat positions. The men on the ground in the military have a strong feeling about this. They feel that women are just as capable in c... continue reading
The New Nuclear Threat
In 2003 President of USA decided it was time to start work on the strategic missile defense system. On the surface this sounds like a good idea; we would have a space-based system that could destroy another countries missiles before they hit the United States. Everyone is in agreement that this would be a good ide... continue reading
French Missles found in Iraq
It is no wonder the French were not behind American efforts to rid the world of Saddam Hussein. They were selling missles to Iraq, even after 9-11. It has been brought to my attention by someone on the ground that missles were found manufactured in 2002. The French have denied that they were selling missles to Saddam H... continue reading

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