Imagine a rock band with bagpipes, didgeridoos, guitars and pulsating drums. Now throw in a little cello and some rap. I bet you are cringing, imagining how terrible this musical mish-mash must sound, right? Well, trust me, this is not the case. This hybrid of music influences comes courtesy of Brother, a trio of Australian siblings. My first introduction to their music came in 1996 when they played at the Pittsburgh Irish Festival and I was instantly blown away by their vocal harmonies and unique sound. Angus, Hamish and Fergus Richardson formed Brother in 1993. Since then, I have been lucky enough to see them in concert several times, and on each occasion they are better and better.

The most recent Brother album, "Urban Cave", has received great reviews and in my opinion, is their best yet. WDST, a radio station in Woodstock, N.Y. called it "truly world class" and KLOS proclaimed them "the best band we've ever heard". Of their recent Rock n' Rock Hall of Fame peformance, The Cleveland Free Times said it was an "adrenaline rush". The Brother's live album, "This Way Up", released in 2000, is definitely worth a look. Check the band out at www.brothermusic.com and have a listen.