South Africa -  Elections results are in and to no great surprise, The African National Congress won 70% of the seats and will continue to rule.  Meanwhile, under their recent rule, crime has risen, AIDS has risen, and they have lost jobs, so let's re-elected them.

Malaysia - The world's third biggest democracy still does not have clear results yet and this was just phase 1. Maybe by 2005, the election will be finished.

Britian - Tony Blair recently met with Mumar Kadalfi and has begun trade talks. Recently, Libya has given up it's nuclear program and has paid off the victims of the Locerbie bombing, so they can now re-join the world community.

Britain - Tony Blair is coming to the United States to talk to Mr. Bush about Iraq.  It would seem that Mr. Blair is the only one who can convince Mr. Bush that the world needs to be involved with Iraq and the transition.

United States - The recent television ads have portrayed Mr. Kerry as a tax and spend liberal and weak on protecting America. My only question to Mr. Bush is, "Where did you spend your military service?" - certainly not in Vietnam.

Japan - The Japanese Prime Minister said NO to the terrorists holding hostages and they were released. Unlike Spain, Japan decided that foreign terrorists do not control their country, so this week the Japanese Prime Minister gets my vote for the leader of the week.

So ends another week of politics in the world.  I will see ya next week and maybe we'll have some kind of election result from Malaysia.