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What is the affect of the current political campaign on the relationship with Russia? Where do our candidates stand? Does it really matter who is elected President in United States? These are questions which I hope I can answer or give you a better understanding of. Or maybe let you see it in a different light.

We can see with the current issues in Georgia that the Russian government has decided that this is a good time to try to reform the USSR. The United States government is in a crisis at this point. Both the major parties are trying to gain the upper hand in Washington and this has led to a bitter campaign and a very divisive country. The policies of the current administration have led to a world view by our allies that are not favorable and this had led to Russia acting boldly. The Soviets are also bolstered by the current campaign between Senators Obama and McCain that has turned very negative and has the United States population torn in many ways.
The price of oil has allowed the Russians to rebuild their standing as a superpower in the world
The United States is focusing on these campaigns and the wars and the economy and not on the aggression of the Soviets.

With having our troops in many countries of the world and stretched to their limit, we can not do anything to aid these aggressions by the Russians. The Russians are also bolstered by the Petro-dollars that they are getting by the worlds gluttony for oil. The price of oil has fluctuated over the last year and this has allowed the Russians to rebuild their standing as a superpower in the world. Both candidates have condemned the actions in Georgia, but can do very little about it. They are both locked in this bitter struggle to win the White House, so they are focused on the local issues. The Russians are looking very closely at the election, because the world sees Senator McCain as a continuation of the Bush policy and Senator Obama as a political neophyte. This is why the Soviets feel this is the time to bring back the Soviet Union.

As I see it the Russians have become major players back into the world scene and could be a problem with their aggression. How does this affect the current campaign? It has very little effect on the political process as it stands. The Russians must be very careful also at this time, because after the election and the wars end, the United States could begin to influence the world stage again. It would depend on who would be elected. If Senator McCain is elected the stage could be set for military action in these provinces and if Senator Obama is elected the world could be united and persuaded to intervene in the aggressions. I would say that no matter who is elected President of the United States, the will be an ongoing issue with the Russians if they continue to be aggressive to their neighbors.