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Haiti Failed American Policy

 article about Haiti Failed American Policy

In the beginning of the Clinton administration, we sent 20,000 American troops to Haiti to put back into power the elected President. Less than twelve years later, we returned to send the elected President into exile. We have had our own election and have elected another man to sit in the Oval Office. Does this mean that we made a mistake earlier or that we simply did not have a consistent policy in terms of that country?

The answer lies in a combination of a failed foreign policy of not one but two administrations. President Clinton did not have a stable foreign policy in his administration. If we look at his record in the White House, he had many failures in foreign policy. He did not have a consistent plan to deal with any nations. Mr.  Bush has a foreign policy, but it is mired in too many places and our troops are spread too thin to be effective. Haiti has been on the back burner for both presidents, and only after the world stood up and took notice did we react. The country is in total disarray with no real government in place and now our troops are being killed. This nation is one of the poorest in the world. We and the United Nations must step in and get a real government in this nation and end the issues of this country. The world needs to bring peace to Haiti and we need to get a more consistent policy towards our neighbor in the south.


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