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The Boys of Summer are back

 article about Cubs Chicago baseball
Will the Chicago Cubs finally win a championship? Will the Boston Redsox finally rid themselves of the curse of the "Bambino"?

of these questions will be answered in October of this year. The main
issues facing major league baseball are numerous and varied. Are the
major leagues too big and should there be retraction? Should they adopt
a true revenue sharing like the NFL? Should there be a cap on players'
salaries? By far the biggest question is: Are there two major leagues?

answer to many of the questions lies in revenue sharing. Many large
market teams have unlimited resources to buy players. Many small market
teams do not have these same resources. Right now, as it stands, there
are two major leagues, the haves and the have-nots. Some small market
teams have had some success over the recent years, but most have not.
Many small market franchises are on the verge of folding. Meanwhile,
the bigger market teams continue to spend millions on players. Revenue
sharing is the only answer to keeping these small market teams in the
game. Baseball must intiate some form of a revenue sharing plan. The
alternative? A league with only large market teams. Some of these small
market teams have been in baseball for over 100 years and it would be a
shame to see all that history evaporate.

We all know that hope
springs eternal when spring training starts, so let's root for our
favorite team and hope they will still be in our city in the next few
years. The boys of summer are back!

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