Welcome to another week in politics.

United States - Security Officals warn that an al-Quaeda attack on U.S. soil has a high probability over the summer months. High on the list for an attack is the World War II memorial being dedicated. Security is said to be very high for the dedication.

Sudan - Africa's longest running  civil war is coming to an end. A treaty was signed by the goverment and the SPLA (Sudan People's Liberation Army). The war has been going on since 1983 and 2 million have died.

India -  In a major upset in India's recent elections the Congress Party, led by Sonia Gandhi, topped the Bharatiya Janata Party. Ms. Gandhi decided not to become Prime Minister in a surprise announcement. She decided to become head of the alliance to form the new govermnent.

Australia - A recent poll taken shows that if an election were to be held the Labor Party would soundly defeat the Conservative Party led by John Howard. The polls also shows a lack of support for the war in Iraq.

United States - The race for the highest office in the land is getting closer and closer. Recent polls show the two candidates are in a dead heat. The attacks from each party continue, Mr. Bush saying Mr. Kerry is weak on defense and Mr. Kerry saying Mr. Bush is only for the wealthy. The war continues to be a thorn in Mr. Bush's side and with the recent photographs of the mis-treatment of Iraqi prisoners, the American public apears to be losing confidence in Mr. Bush.

United States - Al Gore, former Vice President is calling for resignations of cabinet members in Mr. Bush's current cabinet. He remarks came out over the recent reports of abuse at the Iraqi and Afganistani prisons.

So ends another week in politics, so keep it here for updates from the wacky world of politics.